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All information here pulled from MLTP G3 Reference Library

Generation 3

Year One (2003)

A Charming Birthday

Year Two (2004)

Dancing In the Clouds

Year Three (2005)

Friends are never Far Away
A Very Minty Christmas

Year Four (2006)

The Princess Promenade
The Runaway Rainbow

Year Five (2007)

A Very Pony Place

Positively Pink

My Little Pony Live: World's Biggest Tea Party (stage show)

Year Six (2008)

MLP Live: World's Biggest Tea Party
Pinkie Pie's Special Day

Year Seven (2009)

Rainbow Dash's Special Day
Star Song and the Magic Dance Shoes

Additional Releases

Gift Pack

My Little Pony Gift Pack

(A Very Minty Christmas / The Princess Promenade / The Runaway Rainbow) + Pinkie Pie Tote Bag (2006)

Generation 3.5

Twinkle Wish Adventure

Once Upon a My Little Pony Time


Meet the Ponies (Sweetie Belle)
Meet the Ponies {Rainbow Dash)

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