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Glo Friends is a short lived TV show and toy line from the 80s. The show aired along side My Little Pony and Friends during 1986[1], each show being 15 minutes long together they filled up a 30 minutes time slot. [2]

Glo Worm came with Baby North Star and Baby Lickety Split

A few Baby Ponies came with a glo worm friend.

Glo Snail backcard

Glo Friends

Glo Friends with Animal Friends

Sleeping Bags

Mail Order Glo Friends

In 1986 through to 31 January 1987, two exclusive Glo Friends were offered as mail-order promotions. They were named Glo Prayerbug and Glo Flutterbug and were available for $2.50 each, plus 2 Moon Drops points each.

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