The Runaway Rainbow

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This animated episode is 44 minutes long and was released September 12, 2006 to DVD. It was a direct to home video release and it was available on along with other DVD’s The Princess Promenade and A Very Minty Christmas. This feature also came with two bonus episodes Friends are Never Far Away and Greetings From Unicornia. The episode finally premiered on the Hub TV Network alongside The Princess Promenade and Twinkle Wish Adventure, on August 8, 2014 during it’s My Little Pony: Mega Mare-athon.


Rainbow Dash tells us this is their rainbow celebration time of year and then we follow a ribbon from the decorations, to Unicornia where it’s caught by a unicorn named Whistle Wishes. The unicorns are also getting ready for a Princess Rainbow ceremony. Princess Rarity has been chosen as the special unicorn and has to study with Cheerilee on how to create the first rainbow of the season. She was picked from other pink ponies to join Brights Brightly, Whistle Wishes and Cheerilee in the Princess Rainbow ceremony. They’re responsible for making the first rainbow of the season and the ceremony has to be preformed after the third shooting star of four. Each shooting star represents one of the unicorns, the first a yellow star is for Bright Brightly, then a blue for Whistle Wishes, a purple one for Cheerilee and finally a pink one for Rarity. It also has to be preformed under the crystal dome where Rarity is studying but Rarity’s not really listening and following a bug on the floor. Cheerilee tries to teach Rarity how to use the wand they have to call their special carriage, When Cheerilee leaves believing Rarity had already left even though she’d hid under a table, Rarity takes the wand out of it’s case starts playing with it. Meanwhile the breezies are on their way over to the celebration in Ponyville too. Cheerilee, Bright Brightly and Whistle Wishes catch Rarity with the wand just as she makes herself disappear. Rarity reappears before the breezies and she explains to them she makes the rainbows but they don’t believe her and they take her to Ponyville, to Rainbow Dash. The unicorns go off to search for Rarity without her to perform the ceremony there won’t be any more rainbows. Rarity is now in the Cotton Candy Cafe; she tells the ponies about herself then spots some roller skates in the corner and skates off into trouble. Rarity then decides she want to go home so Minty, Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash and the breezies take her to see Spike who knows everything. They then find her magic wand that was tangled in her mane and Spike explains to the others that every year a special unicorn is chosen to learn the rainbow ceremony. They find a map to Rarity’s home as the second blue star passes them. The unicorns are getting worried they won’t find her in time. On the way to finding her home, Rarity falls in the stream after chasing butterflies, while trying to save her Pinkie Pie and Minty fall in too. The breezies who went on ahead, return to save the ponies just in time before they go over a water fall. They all camp out for the night and as the third star passes, Rarity decides she has to leave now. Rainbow Dash wakes up to find her rainbow colours have gone. The others unicorns who were camping close to Rarity unaware, find Rarity and she calls the crystal carriage with her wand. They all go in the carriage as the fourth star chases them, as they rush back to Unicornia. They rush under the dome as rainbow colours everywhere start disappearing. They try making the rainbow but nothing happens the first time. They try again and create a beautiful rainbow. Everything gets its rainbow colours back including Rainbow Dash and The Princess Rainbow ceremony goes ahead without a problem.




If it's all about rainbows it must be about Rainbow Dash. And it is. She loves this time of year when Ponyville and Breezie Blossom are all about celebrating rainbows. Meanwhile in a new magical place called Unicornia, RARITY is being taught how to be a Unicorn Princess and the importance of making the first rainbow of the season. But RARITY is quite a little rascal and embarks on an incredible ride that includes a MAGIC WAND, falling through the clouds right into the middle of Breezie Blossom, a visit to Ponyville, meeting SPIKE THE DRAGON and a huge adventure (with lots of mishaps) as she tries to get back to Unicornia. RARITY soon realizes that getting home in time to create the first rainbow of season is not an easy thing to do --- but it is fun! Come on, won’t you join RARITY and all her friends in the most colourful My Little Pony adventure ever?

  • Suggested retail: $12.99
  • DVD Release Date: September 12, 2006
  • Run Time: 30 minutes



    • Windows XP



Rarity, Minty, Pinkie Pie, Sunny Daze, Rainbow Dash, Cotton Candy, Sparkleworks, Spike, Zipzee, Tiddlywink, Tra La La,, Sweetberry, Cheerilee, Brights Brightly, Whistle Wishes, Bowtie, Wysteria, Sunny Daze, Triple Treat, Razzaroo, Coconut Cream,

Crew and Credits


  • A storybook adaptation of the film was created by Nora Pelizzari and was published by HarperFestival on August 15, 2006.
  • A comic adaption was also published by Tokyopop in 2006.


  • For a split second as Minty chucks the ribbon around the star at the start, her cutie mark vanishes.
  • When we first see Rainbow Dash there’s no yellow in her hair, then it’s on the left then close up it’s on the right.
  • When Whistle Wishes catches the yellow ribbon on the bridge, the yellow of her hair changes sides when we move in for a close up. It also happens while she’s running over the bridge to the ribbon and standing by the ladder that Bright Brightly is standing on.
  • When Cheerilee ask Rarity if she is listening during the wand explanation, the yellow of Rarity’s mane is coloured pink.
  • The ponies on the picture Cheerilee paints with the wand has a blue and purple pony instead of the pink Rarity who should be there. Then while Cheerilee is telling Rarity about being under the dome, Rarity’s mane is wrong again and the pictures gone from the paper.
  • When the Breezie put their antenna together the bag on Zipzee’s back isn’t drawn in.
  • Mid song where they stop for a talk and Minty says her tummy was thinking to much. The pony who has a green and yellow mane has a purple one as they pull away and fade to the castle.
  • When Cheerilee asks the ponies cleaning the carriage “Has anyone seen Rarity?” two of them appear to have swapped places and they forget to draw in Bright Brightly who was just with the other two.
  • When Rarity falls in the flowers, Zipzee who’s not wearing her bag and Tra La La fly up to her, when they pan across the Breezies these two aren’t there.
  • When Rarity has the first piece of cake Cotton candy is behind her and then when they zoom out Cotton Candy is now to the right of her then back to behind her next shot.
  • When Sweetberry says there’s no more Rainberries left to Rarity, Rainbow Dash isn’t by Minty’s side, when they zoom out she is.
  • As we watch Rarity eat all the cake we have a shot of all the ponies including Cotton Candy again, later the same shot Cotton Candy becomes Coconut Cream. Then possibly Coconut Cream becomes Wysteria who was at the back of the shop as Rarity explains where she’s from to the ponies.
  • When Rainbow Dash faints after the song Minty behind her is yellow and blue.
  • As spike recalls the route to Unicornia Tiddlywink and Tra La la swap places, then again when they do a close up shot of the three as they find the wand.
  • When Spike asks “are we all ready?” While loading the cart, Pinkie pie is standing with Minty the very next second she’s walking with Rarity.
  • After they save the ponies from the water when they make it to their camping site, Rainbow Dash first switches places with Pinkie Pie when they stop then Rainbow Dash is drawn with a full purple mane.
  • When the unicorn ponies are setting up camp before panning to the other ponies, as they zoom out, Bright Brightly is the one sitting up awake and is in the wrong place when it should be Cheerilee.
  • When Rarity is sitting, spinning on the star before turning into stars her mane is next to all yellow with no pink at all.
  • When Spike appears out of the bushes the three unicorn ponies change places.
  • As they run into the palace Pinkie Pie’s mane isn’t the right colour and neither is Minty’s.
  • Rarity’s voice becomes Cheerilee’s as they put there horns together.

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