The Princess Promenade

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This animated episode is 50 minutes long and was released February 7th 2006 to VHS and DVD. It was a direct to home video release and it was available on along with DVD’s The Runaway Rainbow and A Very Minty Christmas. This feature also came with two bonus episodes A Charming Birthday and Pinkie Pie and the Ladybug Jamboree.


The Breezie ponies are getting ready to fly to Ponyville for the spring promenade parade. Arriving they find Wysteria and help to set up the flower floats by helping with the gardening. Wysteria spots a weed in her garden. She and Pinkie Pie try pulling it up but they fall down a hole they’d dug to try to get it out, instead. The breezie pony Zipzee follows them. They follow a foul smell and find a special looking flower. Under the flower is a rock which cracks away and a dragon named Spike appears. The ponies scream while the breezie Zipzee quizzes Spike. Spike explains they’re under their castle and he has been asleep for a thousand years. He also explains about the flower, that who ever touches it owns it and gives it to Wysteria. The other breezies up top who saw Zipzee follow the ponies, explain to the other ponies what’s happened to Wysteria and co. Just before they go down the hole to search for them the castle gate opens up with the lost ponies. Wysteria takes Spike to the Pedal parlour to bath him before showing him to her friends. They eventually show off Spike and explain about him. He goes on to explain further he is here to guard, teach and protect the new princess. All the ponies declare that Ponyville doesn’t have a princess. He explains the flower he handed to Wysteria symbolizes who will be princess, which is now Wysteria. Everyone starts to treat Wysteria like she’s special which Wysteria doesn’t really want. Then Spike starts to train her on how to be a princess. A princess doesn’t have friends or equals. When Wysteria is out checking all the floats, Spike stops her doing anything like smelling the flowers, watering the flowers and digging in the dirt. Upset and feeling down Wysteria wishes she’d never found the flower. The other ponies also feel they can’t ask Wysteria for help as she’s a princess now even though the floats are a mess and need her skills. Seeing her own float the others had helped make for her, Wysteria decides to go against her training and help with the floats anyways. She then tells Spike she wants to be herself again. Spike takes this as she doesn’t want to be the princess any more and goes back to sleep on the floor. Wysteria and the breezies try to wake him and tell him she’s staying the princess but she still wants to be herself too. So she decides to teach Spike how to be a pony. The parade goes ahead and Wysteria stops everyone mid parade to tell them thank you and makes everyone else a princess too.





MY LITTLE PONY - THE PRINCESS PROMENADE - from Paramount Home Entertainment.... WYSTERIA is beaming with pride! Her gardens are in bloom, her little BREEZIE friends are in town, and it's time for Ponyville's fanciest spring parade, the ultimate celebration of flowers, flowers, flowers! But things don't go according to plan when WYSTERIA accidentally awakens SPIKE THE DRAGON, a sleepy, silly 1,000-year-old dragon. For you see, legend holds that when a dragon is awakened, an new princess is about to be crowned! But who is the Princess of Ponyville? Come along to THE PRINCESS PROMENADE and discover what it takes to be a princess... what it means to be a friend... and why it's important to be true to yourself, no matter how you wear your tiara! Watch the movie trailer for THE PRINCESS PROMENADE now!

Special Features:

  • Pinkie Pie's Lady Bug Jamboree-Animated Short
  • A Charming Birthday - Bonus Episode
  • Two Sing-A-Longs!
  • Five Original Songs


  • suggested retail: $12.99
  • full screen
  • rated G for ages 3+
  • released on both DVD and VHS
  • DVD Release Date: February 7, 2006
  • Run Time: 50 minutes (70 minutes with bonus features)



Sweetberry, Minty, Pinkie Pie, Sky Wishes, Sunny Daze, Rainbow Dash, Cotton Candy, Sparkleworks, Triple Treat, Razzaroo, Wysteria, Kimono, Daffidazey, Spike, Zipzee, Tiddlywink, Tra La La, Breezie Ponies, Ladybug,

Crew and Credits


  • A storybook adaptation of the film was created by Nora Pelizzari and was published by HarperFestival on January 3, 2006
  • A comic adaption has also been published by Tokyopop in 2006
  • This episode was inspiration for the show Friendship is Magic according to Lauren Faust.
  • The episode was selected by Dr. Toy for inclusion on this year's "Best Vacation Products" list.
  • The Princess Promenade became an internet meme. The joke being that the movie was lacking even for a straight release to home video movie.


  • When the Breezies are spinning together in a circle Zipzee is on the left and Tiddlywink is on the right when they blow the horns they switch places. Then as they watch the others fly off and we see them from behind, Tiddlywink and Tra La La switch places and back again.
  • When Zipzee tells the one breezie pony who is in bed that its spring, when Zipzee says yep the orange from her mane at the side is coloured in yellow with the rest.
  • As they fly off to Ponyville, when all three breezies stop in the air just before they start singing, Zipzee’s mane is missing the orange part too it.
  • Mid song on the second song while singing “I can’t believe we’ll soon be there”, As Tra La La and Tiddlywink turn to face the others on the close up they switch places.
  • When Zipzee spins in the second song, Tra La La at the back of the group is coloured blue.
  • When the breezies put the flowers around the ponies heads in the middle of Wysteria’s speech. They put one on Sparkleworks close up and then she doesn’t have one on her head when they zoom out to see all 8 ponies on the benches.
  • After Zipzee sneezes herself out of the window and Wysteria asks if she is ok, Wysteria’s flower crown turns into a flower behind her ear.
  • When the castle door opens as Sparkleworks and Sunnydaze are going down the hole, Rainbow Dash and Cotton Candy switch places.
  • After the castle door has dropped Wysteria is missing the flower from her mane.
  • As Wysteria showers Spike mid song her flower in her mane is missing.
  • As the breezies fly in there’s no big purple treble clef note on the blue curtains, as Wysteria walks out one appears.
  • As Ranbow Dash gets her hair twirled by Daffidazey, Daffidazey mane style changes.
  • As Wysteria walks in the door of the salon Sweetberry is alone (Sweetberry also didn’t seem to be in the shop to start with), a flick to Wysteria and back and Minty is then by her side.
  • When Spike says “after you princess” at the salon door, Wysteria’s flower is coloured in wrong.
  • When Rainbow Dash and Sweetberry are arguing, when they look at Wysteria, Zipzee isn’t wearing the cap she was pictured wearing before they started looking at the floats. Also Rainbow Dashes symbol starts to stand up straight instead of looking like a rainbow.
  • When Minty and Pinkie bump into each other on the float, Minty is animated saying her name as well as Pinkie’s.
  • As Wysteria is looking out over the kingdom before Spike walks over to her and she is asking if she is the right princess her cutie mark isn’t present.
  • As Wysteria tells Spike she has an idea how she can still be a princess and herself her mane colours get put on wrong so it starts off with purple instead of white.
  • During the last song when Spike declares spring is truly here, as they pan over the ponies even though Rainbow Dash is a princess on the float she appears to be in the crowd too.

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