Dancing in the Clouds

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Dancing in the Clouds
Generation 3
My Little Pony: Friendship Ball
Availability VHS sold with Star Catcher Pony
and DVD sold with book
Release Date 2004
Writer(s) Jeanne Romano
Director(s) John Grusd
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A Charming Birthday Friends are Never Far Away

The episode is 20 minutes long and was released December 2nd 2004 to VHS. It was a direct to home video release and it was packaged with the first G3 Pegasus pony Star Catcher. The episode was then re- released as a DVD story book called Dancing in the Clouds on the 10th Jan 2006. The story book itself was 32 pages long. It was also a bonus episode on My Little Pony: A Very Minty Christmas DVD.


The ponies are having fun at the fair when Twinkle Twirl asks Sky Wishes for a special wish. She wishes for inspirational help with making a special dance, for the Friendship Ball they’re hosting that night. They follow a kite believing catching it will grant wishes, and then they enjoy a ride on a roller coaster. This gives Twinkle Twirl an idea. She shows the other ponies her roller coaster dance but they need more practice at it. Sky wishes follows the same kite to a special Rainbow waterfall where a Pegasus pony named Star Catcher hears her wish to help Twinkle Twirl. Star Catcher grants the wish for Sky Wishes and takes her using butterflies under Sky Wishes' hooves, to a place in the waterfall. She tells Sky Wishes this is Butterfly Island her home and she can’t tell anyone about it. She then lets Sky Wishes have one more wish. Sky Wishes then uses the butterflies to elevate all the other dancers at the Friendship Ball, above the other ponies and they put on a performance no one will forget.


Star Catcher pony and VHS Release


Story Book and DVD Release


Twinkle Twirl has to choreograph a special dance for the Friendship Ball, and she's completely uninspired! She asks Sky Wishes to make an extra-special wish so that she can come up with a great idea. Little do the ponies know that a wish-granting Pegasus pony, Star Catcher, has heard about this wish and is going to make it come true. Little girls will love this innovative book and DVD set staring all their favourite pony characters. The DVD contains the full-length Dancing in the Clouds movie.


Sunny Daze, Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie, Sky Wishes, Twinkle Twirl, Desert Rose, Gem Blossom, Loop-De-La, Coconut Cream, Star Catcher, Starbeam, Forsythia, Minty,

Crew and Credits


  • When Twinkle Twirl walks over to Sky Wishes when Sky Wishes is sitting at the lake, her animation looks weird like she’s trying to walk backwards even though she is walking forwards.
  • As Twinkle Twirl and Sky Wishes talk by the lake the spaces between them, The lake, the path and the bridge change each shot till they move on and follow the kite.
  • The ponies switch seats mid ride on the roller coaster just before the close up shot where they call out to their friends.
  • Coconut Cream gets off the coaster closest to Sky Wishes but in the close up she’s farthest away.
  • When Twinkle Twirl begins the dance lesson and the ponies are in a line behind her. Loop-De-La and Sky Wishes swap places on the close up where Twinkle Twirl shows she’s pointing her toes. They switch back again when they’re facing front.
  • Coconut Cream is one of the first ponies to crash into Twinkle Twirl’s back along with another white pony Desert Rose. When the scene changes so do the ponies to pink and purple ones.
  • At the big finish of the lesson, of the dance, they seem to be one pony light as everyone falls over and when the ponies are running about a pink and blue one runs across the screen left to right, that wasn’t there at the rehearsal before.
  • When Sky Wishes first arrives on the butterflies and picks up the dancers, Coconut Cream and Twinkle Twirl are at the front of the coaster line, in the next shot Twinkle Twirl has been replaced with Gem Blossom. The ponies continue to swap places through the dance and Rainbow Dash gets added next to Gem Blossom as they fly towards the screen following Sky Wishes.
  • The ponies around Rainbow Dash as she gives out the award, change during each shot even though no ones moving.

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