Two for the Sky

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This animated episode is 13 minutes long and was released February 6, 2007 to DVD. Two for the Sky was the second episode of a three box set, of the direct-to-video release My Little Pony: A Very Pony Place. It was sold along side episodes Come Back Lily Lightly and Positively Pink.


Minty, Sunnydaze and Pinkie Pie are running to the story club, club house to hear Storybelle read a story from one of the great books. They follow her to the story loft and she tells the story of Two for the Sky. These two ponies in the story Star Flight and Heart Bright, were so much alike they were like twins. They shared everything together and they both wished they had wings so they could fly above the clouds together. They try making themselves a pair of wings and they tried hats with propellers to try to fly, but they failed all the same. They decide to talk to the Breezies about flying. The Breezies fly about showing them how they do it but they don’t know how or why really themselves as they were born that why. The two ponies go to bed for the night wishing they could fly then they wake up with wings. They get blown about by the wind while trying them out and start missing everything and everyone. So they decide they want to be themselves again, luckily they wake up safe in bed it having all been a dream. They’re happy to be themselves. The story club ponies thank Storybelle for the story and then they all go to the sweetshop.




A Very Pony Place (2007)



Sunnydaze, Minty, Pinkie Pie, Storybelle, Star Flight, Heart Bright, Zipzee, Tra-La-La, Tiddly-Wink, Wysteria, Sparkleworks, Rainbow Dash, Coconut Cream, Cotton Candy, Sweetberry,

Crew and Credits


  • As Heart Bright and Star Flight run up to the two ponies flying the kites. They Wysteria looking one has no cutie mark.
  • When the orange and pink pony runs up to Heart Bright and Star Flight asking what are they doing, their mane colour are backwards from what we’ve just been shown. Then as they run past her Star Flight’s mane is whole blue.
  • When Star Flight yawns in her bed, her mane which was blue in one shot is then pink in another then back to blue after.
  • When the ponies are swept away by the wind, the pink star that should be at the bottom on Star Flights wings is at the top.
  • As the two ponies run into the shop to eat a sundae, the pony behind the counter Storybelle, when the camera changes angles its Sweetberry.
  • At the end of the episode, when we zoom out Storybelle’s cell is whole blue.

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