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Starting in Generation 1 Hasbro would occasionally reuse a pony name on a new and unrelated pony later on. Apparently due to laziness or forgetfulness. (Not to be confused with the Baby versions of adult ponies made in G1 and G2.) They have continued this tradition cross generationally with some of the G3 to G4 conversions seeming to be more aware of keeping similar designs.

Cross generational pony name recycling can be confusing to people not particularly aware of previous generations. IE buying a G3 Rarity toy without much thought... turns out to be a pink pony. This is a growing list of recycled pony names as well as seemingly recycled pony styles/themes.

Names are listed alphabetically, but each section starts from the earliest generation involved.


Always and Forever and Lovestruck


Autumn/Autumn Skye/Gusty



Bee Bop, Lyra Heartstrings

Bow Tie

See also:



See also:


See also:

Cinnamon Breeze

Coconut Cream

Comet Tail

Cotton Candy, Cotton Candy, and Sweetie Swirl

See also:

Cha Cha


Cherries Jubilee, Crunch Berry/Cherry Berry, and Cherry Berry

Cinnamon Breeze

Baby Cuddles, Cuddles, Drink 'n Wet Baby Cuddles, and Surprise Newborn Baby Cuddles


Dainty Daisy

Desert Blossom, Flower Wishes and Daisy

Firefly, Rainbow Dash, Rainbow Dash, and Sassaflash

Baby Firefly and Baby Mischief


See also: G1 Baby Fifi (resembles SS Fifi)

Fizzy, Fizzy Pop, and Fizzypop

Flippity Flop

Flower Wishes


Gardenia Glow

Golden Delicious

Baby Gusty and Baby Explorer

See also:

Island Rainbow


Kiwi Tart

Lickety-Split and Lickity Split

See also:


See also:

Mittens, Snow'el, and Jolly Lolly

These five G3 Winter Ponies are all connected:

  • In 2003, a pony called Mittens was released.
  • In 2007, a pony called Jolly Lolly who shared Mittens's symbol was made.
  • Also in 2007, a completely different pony called Mittens was released. Her symbol was borrowed from a 2004 pony, Snow'el.
  • The third pony in the 2007 set was also called Snow'el, but was different from the 2004 version.


See also:

Morning Glory

Baby North Star

See also:

Peachy Pie

Peri Winkle and Periwinkle

Pick-a-Lilly and Pick-a-Lily

Pink Dreams

Posey, Sky Skimmer, Fluttershy, and Fluttershy

See also:

Rainbow Flash

Rainbow Swirl

Rattles, Rattles, and Little Rattles

Ribbon Wishes

Rose, Desert Rose, and Roseluck

Rose & Lily and Lotus Blossom

Royal Beauty

Sand Dollar

Sapphire Shores

Scoops, Sweet Scoops and Sweetcream Scoops


Sea Breeze/Seabreeze


Sky Rocket


Sparkler, Sparkler, (Majesty?), Rarity, and Rarity

See also:




Sundance, Sundance, Sunsparkle, and Celestia

See also:

Sunny Daze and Celestia

Sunshimmer and Sunset Shimmer

Surprise, Light Heart, Pinkie Pie, and Pinkie Pie

See also:

Star Dasher

Strawberry Surprise

Sweetie Belle


Baby Tiddley-Winks and Tiddly Wink

Twilight, Twilight, Twilight Twinkle and Twilight Sparkle


Wingsong, Wingsong, and Wing Song

Windy, Windy/Magical Breeze, Breezie, and Breezie

Yum Yum

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