My Little Pony Live: World's Biggest Tea Party

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This episode was was a stage performance done live in front of an audience on stage with actors in costumes. It is 65 minutes in length and was released to DVD on September 16, 2008.


Spike introduces the show and from the start he’s looking for his purple how to book. It knows everything including how to find it’s self. Sweetberry welcomes the audience to her sweet shop and introduces a few of the ponies by name in a song. The curtain closes and then Rarity and Minty come out on stage to introduce themselves. Then the breezies call out Pinkie Pie from brushing her teeth. She introduces her self by saying she likes pink. Pinkie goes off to Sweetberry’s shop while Spike is still looking for his book. They open the curtains to the shop and they’re planning their fun for the day. They decide on some things to do and want to do it all. They leave Pinkie Pie to think how they are going to do it all in one day. She Pinkie Squinks and then decides to have a tea party. They decide to have the tea party at Rarity’s castle in Unicornia and everyone goes off to play their role in setting the tea party up. They make it to Unicornia and encourage the audience to join them in saying ‘tea’ but Pinkie Pie has forgotten the tea pot. They decide to go ahead with the tea party anyways and Spike finally finds his book. Reading it, they get the audience to help magic in a tea pot with a poem out of the book.



  • Release Date: 09/16/2008
  • Run time: 65 minutes



Spike, Thistle Whistle, Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash, Sweetberry, Wysteria, Sew-and-So, Rarity, Minty, Zipzee, Tra-La-La, Tiddly Wink,

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