Over Two Rainbows

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Over Two Rainbows
Generation 3.5 | Once Upon a My Little Pony Time | Episode 2
Once Upon a My Little Pony Time
Original Airdate 2009
Writer(s) Jeanne Romano

Bonnie Solomon

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So Many Ways to Play ??

This animated episode is 11 minutes long.


Pinkie Pie is looking at a photo album and she recalls to us, when Sweetie-Belle first came to Ponyville. They flash back to when they were all babies and talk a bit about Rainbow Dash and her fashion parade. Cloud appears above their heads and it begins to storm. Rainbow Dash loses her scarf in the wind and they hide in their play house to wait for the storm to pass over. They look out the window to see two rainbows that touched or crossed over each other. Saying that, “this is where real magic is formed”. A pink cloud floats down from the rainbows and it pops into a baby unicorn pony. Rainbow Dash is still bothered by her lost scarf which is now in the mud by the baby. After adding mud to the scarf the baby pony creates flowers around her. Rainbow Dash tries to get to her scarf out of the mud and the baby puts her into a bubble dropping Rainbow Dash in the mud also. Rainbow Dash believes the unicorned baby should be in Unicornia not her back yard, but Rainbow Dash softens and warms to the baby when she cleans her scarf of mud. This is where they give her a name ‘Sweetie Belle’. Rainbows Dashes fashion show then goes ahead with Sweetie Belle as the model.




Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash, Cheerilee, Scootaloo, Sweetie Belle

Crew and Credits

  • note: a new credit sequence was not created for this episode.

The credits they included, listed below, are the credits from "Pinkie Pie's Special Day", but with the Once Upon A My Little Pony Time title music.
Therefore, the cast and crew information is not correct for this episode. But this was the credit sequence they included with the episode.

  • Known voice actors for this episode
Pinkie Pie(VO): Gigi Abraham
Newborn Scootaloo: Rachel Chrystie
Newborn Pinkie Pie: Dana Flitman
Newborn Cheerilee: Margo Herreid


  • As mentioned above, the credit sequence used for this episode was taken from "Pinkie Pie's Special Day".
  • They used the Generation 3 logo instead of the Generation 3.5 logo in the opening title.

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