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My Little Wiki has over 16,000 images donated by about 200 different My Little Pony fans.

These images depict mainly toys, merchandise and screen shots.

Images need to be categorized by who donated them. Donors other than the user uploading the picture need to be mentioned in the image summary.

Image Coding

Once you have an email-confirmed account on MLW as well as editing rights you can start adding pictures! Find the page on the wiki you would like to add an image to and look carefully at the page and decide where you would like the image to appear. You can then click on the edit tab on the top right of the page and the page appears in its coded form and you can insert a new script that allows you to upload your image.

Take one of the scripts below and copy and paste it to where you want your picture to appear.

Edit in your image name where it says imagename.jpg, and a description of your image where it says image description (links can appear in image descriptions).

For a full size picture use the following: [[Image:imagename.jpg|frame|image description]]

For a thumbnail of a picture the following: [[Image:imagename.jpg|thumb|image description]]

For an image of a specific but different size, edit the 300px to however many pixels (px) you want: [[Image:imagename.jpg|300px|image description]]

After you have this fully edited script in place, the image name will appear in red where the image is supposed to be. Click on that link and you will be taken to an upload page. Browse your computer for the image and then give a little information about the image in the summary. Information such the image donor, what the image is of, etc.

Alternatively, you can first upload an image and then put the script into the wiki. By clicking on the

  • Upload file

link in the toolbox on the bottom left of the page.

Externally linked images are not allowed, for the sake simplicity and not collecting broken images everywhere.

If you have a selection of images that you think would fit best into a gallery/table, check out How to add an image gallery. For this option you have to upload the images before creating the gallery.

Adding New Images

Adding My Own Images

Adding your own images is easy because you have apparently given yourself permission to do so, you don't have to ask anyone else. An image with no description or summary is assumed to be taken by the user who uploads it. If it is not an image you have taken yourself you need to indicate that in the image summary. I.e. image donated by ponyluv85.

Adding Other Peoples Images

To add another person's image you need to ask that person's permission and ask what name they would like the image credited to. Then credit the image in the image summary.

G1 pony collectors remember the days before digital cameras and are a little more concerned out getting the full credit for their photos that perhaps younger people might be.

Adding Stock Photos

Hasbro seems cool with pony collectors, so stock photos from,,, etc. are cool. Just categorize them as such:

[[Category: Stock Photos]]

Adding Screen Captures

It is kind of hard to take credit for screen shots... so just categorize them as such:

[[Category: G1 Screen Captures]]

[[Category: G3 Screen Captures]]

[[Category: G3.5 Screen Captures]]

[[Category: G4 Screen Captures]]

Adding Images Found Somewhere Out on the Internet

It is not your photo, it is not a stock photo, it is not a screen capture......... generally you shouldn't add the photo. If you know who's it is but you can't get a hold of them AND you think it is a very important image to add, give the person credit for the image in the image summary and add the image to this category:

[[Category: Donated by ?]]

This way the image will be easy to find and replace later on.

Categorizing Images

When you have finished uploading and describing your image add it to its' correct donor category. This goes for images you donated yourself and double for images donated by other people.

Edit your image page to say (in my case)

[[Category: Donated by Absol]]

To add the image to other image gallery categories, check and see if the image belongs to any on the Image Galleries page.

Upgrading Images

If you think you have a better version of an image to add to the wiki you can either click on the similar image already on the wiki and you will be give the option of uploading a newer version of that image, or you can add you image to just below/next to the one already on the wiki.

Keep in mind that some images appear in several places on the wiki, replacing an image with a less related image can cause problems in other places. Also that "better" in this case means:

  • less/not blurry
  • toy/item in better condition
  • higher resolution (to a point)
  • cleaner background
  • easier to identify (ie glam shots my actually hide the symbol/cutie mark and not help with ID-ing at all)