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Generation 3 My Little Ponies are made between 2003 and 2009. Although the style of G3.5 marked the end of G3 style ponies, a few more G3 style ponies were made in 2010 for special occasions.

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Year One (2003)

Glitter Celebration Ponies

Wave 1, Summer Release

Wave 2, Autumn Release

Pony Packs

Free Video Ponies

Ponies with additional A Charming Birthday VHS and charm bracelet

Rainbow Celebration Ponies

wave 1, summer release

wave 2, fall release

Seasonal Celebration Ponies

Winter Ponies 2003

Slice of Life Ponies

Playset Ponies

Mail Order Ponies

Limited Edition Ponies

the first six G3 ponies sold in numbered limited editions of 50

Year Two (2004)

Rainbow Ponies

Perfectly Ponies

wave 1, summer release

wave 2, fall release

Glitter Celebration Ponies

Jewel Ponies

Sparkle Ponies

Easter Ponies

Winter Ponies 2004

Super Long Hair Ponies

Disney Princess Ponies

Dress-up Eveningwear Ponies

Pretty Pony Fashions

Playset Ponies

Pony Packs

2 Packs

3 Packs

4 Packs

Other Releases 2004

Mail Order Ponies 2004

Year Three (2005)

Baby Ponies

Dazzle Bright Ponies

Dream Design Ponies

Seaside Celebration Ponies

Dress-up Daywear Ponies

Dress-up Daywear Wing Wishes Ponies

Easter Ponies 2005

The Pony Project

Discount Single Ponies

Other Releases 2005

Event Ponies 2005

Accessory Sets

Jewel Birthday Ponies

Mail Order Ponies 2005

Glitter Celebration Ponies

Jewel Ponies

Rainbow Ponies

Sparkle Ponies

Pony and Me Sets

Pony Packs 2005

2 Packs

3 Packs

4 Packs

Scootin' Along Ponies 2005

Shimmer Ponies

Sunny Scent Ponies

Super Long Hair Ponies

Valentine's Day Ponies 2005

Winter Ponies 2005

Year Four (2006)

Baby Ponies

Balloon Flying Ponies

(Birthflower) Birthday Ponies

Breezies Parade

Ponies with Carriage

Carriages can pull the Breezie petal cars.

Breezie Ponies

3 Pack

3 Pack

Bonus Release Breezies with Ballon Flying Sweet Breeze

Crystal Design Ponies 2006

Crystal Princess Ponies

Cutie Cascade Ponies 2006

Divine Shine Ponies

Easter Ponies 2006

Fancy Hair Ponies

Halloween Ponies 2006

Event Ponies

Other Releases 2006

Pegasus Ponies 2006

Pony and Me Sets

Pony Packs 2006

2 Packs

3 Packs

Pretty Patterns Ponies

Scootin' Along Ponies 2006

Styling Ponies

Super Long Hair Ponies

Unicorn Ponies

Valentine's Day Ponies 2006

Winter Ponies 2006

Year Five (2007)

Favorite Friends Ponies

wave 1 summer release

winter release

Breezie Ponies (exclusive)

3 Pack:

3 Pack:

Crystal Design Ponies 2007

Cutie Cascade Ponies 2007

Easter Ponies 2007

Halloween Ponies 2007

Pegasus Ponies 2007

Pony Packs 2007

4 Pack

4 Pack

Pretty Patterns Ponies

Best Friends Ponies 2007

wave 1 Scented Ponies

Super Long Hair Ponies

Unicorn Ponies

Valentine's Day Ponies 2007

Winter Ponies 2007

Other Releases 2007

Special Event Ponies

Year Six (2008)

Best Friends Ponies 2008

wave 2

wave 3

Favorite Friends Ponies 2008

wave 2

wave 3

wave 4 (henna/makeup)

wave 5 (name on leg)

Easter Ponies 2008

Halloween Ponies 2008

Other Releases 2008

Pony Packs 2008

2 Pack:

7 Pack:

Valentine's Day Ponies 2008

Winter Ponies 2008

Special/Event Ponies

Year Seven (2009)

Core Friend Ponies

Easter Ponies 2009

Dress-up Ponies

Other Releases 2009

Special Event Releases

Valentine's Day Ponies 2009

The G3 line ends here and G4 starts, although more G3 style ponies continued to be made for certain special events.

Year Eight (2010)

Year Nine (2011)