Celebration Castle

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G3 Baby Romperooni, Toys R Us Exclusive Bonus Pony
MIB G3 Celebration Castle

Celebration Castle is the first Generation 3 playset. It was first released in 2003 and includes the first Generation 3 baby pony, Baby Pink Sunsparkle. A 2004 release exclusive to Toys R US includes the previously unnamed bonus pony Baby Romperooni. Accessory colors vary, and the playset includes only one of each accessory type unless otherwise noted. Hoof magnet-activated playset features are a musical threshold that activates when a pony's magnetic foot touches the pink heart on the floor inside the castle door, a stove top that opens to a sink, and an opening toy chest. The castle plays two different songs, including the original My Little Pony theme. The detachable dance floor disk at the top of the stairs is also magnetic and holds a pony in place to "dance" as the user spins it.

Celebration Castle Song 1 - My Little Pony Theme

Celebration Castle Song 2

Celebration Castle was re-released in Europe in 2006 as Rainbow Princess Castle. This castle features a different color scheme and different accessories to fit 2006's Crystal Princess theme and celebrate the introduction of unicorns to the line.

Celebration Castle Story

Pink Sunsparkle is the youngest and tiniest pony in Ponyville. The other ponies are like big sisters to her, and she always wants to follow them on their adventures. She’d never run too far from the Celebration Castle, though, because this is where all the ponies gather to play and plan exciting parties!

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