G3 Butterscotch

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G3 Butterscotch
G3 Butterscotch Symbol

Butterscotch was one of the many pony names from G1 that Hasbro decided to recycle. She was first released in 2003 as one of the Seasonal Celebration Ponies.

Pony Stats

  • Pose: Wysteria Pose
  • Body Colour: Gold
  • Hair Colour: Yellow with irridescent tinsel
  • Eye Colour: Two-tone gold with orange heart symbol
  • Symbol: Two orange lollies with green sticks with green ribbons tied around them
  • Hoof Heart: Red - Can be misplaced


Yellow bow brush and pony charm.

Backcard Stories

Butterscotch loves spending time with her friends, and remembering all the good times they share! She keeps lots of scrapbooks filled with photos and letters and souvenirs. For Butterscotch, every day is a chance to create a wonderful new memory!

  • Write in my journal.
  • Make a birthday card for my friend Razzaroo.
  • Go for a hike in Pony Park.

Media Appearances


European Butterscotch
Loose Photo
  • European Single 2003
  • 2-pack with either Minty or Sparkleworks 2003 - Can have a misplaced hoof heart

Berry Pickin' Fun with Butterscotch

G3 butterscotch berry picking mib.jpg

When the sun is shining and there's a certain scent in the air, it can mean only one thing: berry picking time! Butterscotch loves berries and is careful to choose only the ripest, juiciest ones. When her basket is full, she heads home to bake yummy pies for all her friends! Includes pony figure, skirt, hat, basket, 2 containers of berries and a brush.

Butterscotch was re-released in 2004 as part of the Pretty Pony Fashions set. She came wearing a pink floral-print hat and skirt, and her accessories included a yellow basket with pink handles, two trays of berries and a yellow bow brush.

Ponies released in this set are:

Easter Butterscotch

Loose Photo
  • Easter Egg 2005

Backcard Story

  • Butterscotch is ready for spring in a special bunny outfit! It's just the thing to wear as she tends her springtime garden. She loves to gather colorful blossoms and arrange them into sweet bouquets!

Ponies released in this set are:

Super Sundaes Ice Cream Parlor

Butterscotch (no magnet)
  • 2005


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