Sweet Summertime

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G3 Sweet Summertime

Media Appearances

Year One (2003)

Euro Sweet Summertime

Int. MIB Sweet Summertume


Pink bow brush and pony charm.

Backcard Stories

Sweet Summertime's Backcard

Year Three (2005)

Sweet Summertime and Carry Case

G3 Sweet Summertime


Playset and Carrying Case with Sweet Summertime Pony, exclusive to Toys R Us.

Pony Stats

  • Pose: Sparkleworks Pose
  • Body Colour: Pink
  • Hair Colour: Orange and pink
  • Eye Colour: Green and blue with pink heart symbol
  • Symbol: Pink, green and yellow ball on blue water splash background
  • Hoof Heart: Blue


  • pink mirrored brush
  • purple basket
  • yellow beach blanket
  • magical sand castle with crab
  • orange starfish
  • pink sand dollar
  • yellow shell
  • yellow sunglasses
  • semi-clear green bottle
  • blue Frisbee disk
  • pink boogie board
  • beach ball shaped bag

Backcard Stories


  • Body: Darker and less pearly
  • Symbol: Pink colour in her symbol is much brighter
  • Hoof: Heart is lighter

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