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G3 Meadowbrook
G3 Meadowbrook Symbol

Meadowbrook was first released with the Bloomin' Blossoms Shop in 2003.


English: Meadowbrook
French (Canada): Libellule

Pony Stats

  • Pose: Sunny Daze Pose
  • Body Colour: Yellow
  • Hair Colour: Aqua and blue mane and blue and purple tail
  • Eye Colour: Blue and green with pink heart symbol
  • Symbol: Purple dragonfly flying away from blue flower
  • Hoof Heart: Green


Backcard Stories

No one in PONYVILLE loves flowers more then MEADOWBROOK! She grows all kinds of blooms in her greenhouse, and sells them in her flower shop so everyone else can enjoy them, too! When ponies come to her shop to buy yummy treats, MEADOWBROOK puts a pretty flower into their baskets! She can't decide which kind of flower is her favorite, because she loves them all!

Its busy at the flower shop today, and MEADOWBROOK has lots to do!

  • Water plants in the greenhouse
  • Arrange flowers in vases
  • Pop popcorn
  • Display fruit on the fruitstand

Media Appearances

Meadowbrook Releases


Body: Her hoof heart is darker. She has a magnet in her foot

  • Version 2

Body:She has no hoof heart and no magnet. The cover in her foot is white


Body: Meadowbrook is similiar to the one that came with the Cotton Candy Cafe value pack


US Release
  • Version 1

Body: Brighter yellow colour. She is not as transparent and is less pearly Symbol:Her symbol is smaller and the flower is darker Eye:The heart in her eye is more purple Hoof Heart:She has a darker green hoof heart and she has a magnet in her foot

  • Version 2

Body: Her body colour is noticeably greener Hoof Heart: Meadowbrook has no hoof heart and no magnet. The cover in her foot is white.

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