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Glitter Celebration Ponies are G3 ponies that were released in 2003 as one of the first sets in the new line; they have tinsel in their hair and each came with a brush, charm, ribbon, sometimes sticker and two Pony Points; each package also included a pamphlet.

They made two sets before combining the line with Rainbow Celebration. The two sets combined became the Perfectly set.

Display Side Hoof Heart

When Hasbro first released the G3 range, there seems to have been some confusion regarding which hoof the heart symbol should be painted on. The hoof heart is supposed to indicate the magnetic hoof but some ponies with magnetic non-display side hooves escaped from the factory with the heart printed on the opposite hoof, so as to be seen in their boxes.


First Release

Summer 2003

Second Release

Fall 2003

Third Release

Spring 2004

These were also called the New Friends set and were released without charms.

Fourth Release

Summer 2004

Cupcake and Sweetsong were harder to find in some areas.

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