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Cherry Blossom I
Cherry Blossom Symbol

Cherry Blossom was originally released in 2004 as part of the Rainbow Celebration Pony assortment. She was eventually replaced in the Pony line by Cheerilee.


English: Cherry Blossom
French: Cerise
German: Kirschblüte
Spanish: Pony Cereza
Italian: Cianziallegra
Dutch: Pruimenbloesem

Toy Releases

Release I

Pony Stats

Cherry Blossom I
  • Pose: Walking Pose
  • Body Colour: Purple
  • Hair Colour: Pink, purple and white
  • Eye Colour: Green with light pink star
  • Symbol: Cherry blossom branch
  • Hoof Heart: Pink

Backcard Stories

CHERRY BLOSSOMS parties are especially fun, because she has them at all kinds of crazy times! Last week she threw a hot chocolate and marshmellow party at midnight. This week its a five o'clock rise and shine for breakfast bash!

  • Send out invitations for next weeks party
  • Go shopping for new feather boas
  • Play hopscotch with cupcake

Ponies released in this set are:

Cherry Blossom


  • Body: Her body is darker and much less pearly
  • Hoof Heart: White cover in her foot with no magnet, she has no hoof heart

Seaside Celebration Cherry Blossom

Seaside Celebration Cherry Blossom (Cherry Blossom II)
Seaside Cherry Blossom with accessories
MIB Seaside Celebration Cherry Blossom
  • Seaside Celebration 2005
  • Cherry Blossom II

Seaside Celebration bonus pack 2005 with Baby Sandy Island



  • Body: Her body is completely matte

Ponies released in this set are:

Frilly Frocks Boutique bonus pack 2005 with Breezie and Frilly Frocks


Version 1

  • Hoof Heart: She has a hoof heart and a magnet in her foot

Version 2

  • Hoof Heart: She has no hoof heart and no magnet and the magnet cover is white

Balloon Flying

Cherry Blossom III

Cherry Blossom III. Released in 2006 there are 2 versions of this release. She came with Tiddly Wink

Cherry Blossom and Tiddly Wink
Mint in Box

Backcard Story

  • Birthday Month: April
  • Favorite Color: Pale Pink
  • Favorite Flower: cherry blossoms, naturally!
  • Favorite thing to do: throwing fun parties


Version 1

  • Accessories: Comes with Tiddly wink the breezie

Version 2

  • Accessories: No breezie but comes with garden accessories



  • Though she does not have any G4 toys, the IDW Comics revealed she is the twin sister of Cheerilee and works as a professional wrestler, paying homage to both their shared color scheme and that Cheerilee had an athletic sister in G3.

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