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All four versions of Spike (left to right: 2nd edition, pink European, regular and Mail order)
Dream Castle Spike
Lavender Dream Castle Spike (brighter purple)
Side comparison: Lavender Dream Castle and Dream Castle Spike
Side comparison: Lavender Dream Castle and Dream Castle (pink European version) Spike
Mail Order Spike

Spike was the first My Little Pony dragon friend, who was later followed by other Princess Dragons that were only sold in parts of Europe.

Spike was available with the Dream Castle and Majesty playset. He was later available through mail order tie in with the My Little Pony version, although this version of Spike has more cartoonish, happy eyes.

An unnamed green dragon character was made in G2, though it is almost nothing like the original Spike. In G3, however, Spike was given a slight redesign and appeared in several of the specials.

Spike did make a full series comeback in the form of both the cartoon of G4 as well as the toy.

Dream Castle Spike


Mail Order Spike

Mail Order Spike

Mail Order Hollywood Pamphlet

Media Apperances

Spike giving Megan a look

Spike was a frequent character in the TV shows and movies. He had a scratchy, but sweet voice, and was always trying to help the ponies along, especially Baby Lickety Split. Spike is friends with the Bushwoolies as well, but seems to take a little less kindly to their repetitive ways. Spike appears in:

He appears also in the Books:

  • The Trolls and the Castle of Darkness
  • The Cross weather Witch
  • A Shock at The Stable Show


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