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Minty is a G4 Earth Pony. She has appeared exclusively in merchandise, and is nearly identical in appearance to her G3 incarnation.


Brushable Toy


A brushable toy of Minty has been seen on the website Taobao. They toy appears to be in the G4 Pinkie Pie Pose. However, the toy has never been released officially, though other pictures of the toy have been spotted.

Blind Bag Minty

First Blind Bag Set #9 (regular)

Minty was released as a blind bag pony in the first blind bag set. Her mold and collector card feature her as a recolor of Applejack, though the European collector card shows her as a Pegasus rather than an Earth Pony. Her card states that she "loves to celebrate holidays with her friends! Her favorite season is winter."

Year Four (2013)

Midnight in Canterlot


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