Whinny Winks Inn

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Whinny Winks Inn
Whinny Winks Inn Box
Little Flitter
Ponytail Little Flitter
Little Flitter's Symbol
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Whinny Winks Inn is one of the Petite Pony Homes. It is a pink home with a white roof and a teal yard base. Its pink horseshoe lock is activated by placing any Petite Pony on it and turning her to the right. Upon turning the lock, a spring and lever inside the home base drops open the right side wall, revealing the inside of the home for play.

Included accessories are two pieces of white fence, a star pick, and three rooftop railings (two short and one long), a bed, a dresser, a table, and a swing that are a combination of either aqua and pink or purple and yellow.

The included Petite Pony, Little Flitter, is an orange pegasus with pink hair and a green candle and holder symbol. She comes in two versions, molded tail or Ponytail. The Ponytail version has a molded aqua bow at the base of her tail.

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