Woe is Me

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Woe is Me
Generation 1 | Season 1 | Episode 36-37
My Little Pony 'n Friends
Original Airdate(s) November 3-4, 1986
Writer(s) Gordon Kent
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Woe is Me is a 2 part episode. Each segment is 10 minutes long and it was the twelfth story in the first series of My Little Pony 'n Friends. This aired in the US between 3rd – 4th November 1986


The Witch
  • Episode 1 This episode starts out with Woebegone, a wandering hobo with a black cloud that follows him, who brings bad luck and disaster everywhere he goes, being chased by an Alligatorsaur. The little ponies give him shelter in some sunflowers from the Alligatorsaur, after as it leaves the Alligatorsaur hurts Woebegone’s foot. The ponies put Woebegone up for the night in the nursery and he tells his story. They find out that he used to live in a tropical garden with his family and friends, Handmedown and Tattle. His friends noticed a witch as they are playing ball, and decide to try to push her into the pot of potion she was brewing. She stops them with her magic but Woebegone tries to rescue his friends from the witch and ends up knocking himself and the witch into the potion. His story gets cut off when it causes the nursery to fall apart, later part of the Paradise Estate crumbles up too after he’s moved there. Woebegone then leaves while the ponies are sleeping and the next day as repairs are being made to the nursery and estate, Ribbon, Gingerbread and Masquerade realize he is missing and go to convince him to come back. While the other ponies are sceptical and don’t want him to return. As soon as he’s back Baby Shady ends up in trouble.
  • Episode 2 We join back with Baby Shady being saved by Masquerade from drowning in tree sap. Lickety Split wants Woebegone gone and doesn’t understand why they should all suffer. Woebegone get to finishes his story and we learn Woebegone has a bad attitude and blames himself for his bad luck and klutziness. The witch decides to put a curse on him to teach him a lesson. A little black cloud appears above his head and the town chase him away due to all the bad luck he causes there. The curse is then lifted when the ponies make him realize that he is bringing the bad luck on himself with his bad attitude. The witch then appears and lifts the curse for good putting everything back to normal.




Katie Leigh as Lickety-Split, Ribbon, Baby Shady
Nancy Cartwright as Posey (1), Baby Heart Throb (1), Gusty (1)
Sherry Lynn as Gingerbread
Jeannie Elias as Masquerade
B. J. Ward as Surprise
Charlie Adler as Woebegone

Non-speaking appearances by Baby Lickety Split, Baby Ribbon, Bushwoolies

Crew and Credits


  • E1 Posey’s Tail bow is green when she first finds Woebegone and then pink when she says “you can hide in there”
  • E1 When Woebegone starts telling his story its animated coming from Lickety Splits mouth.
  • E1 Woebegone’s clover in his hat changes sides and turns into two clovers through out the episode
  • E1 As Ribbon calls out to Gusty and Lickety Split when they’re repairing the nursery, Surprises wings are missing.
  • E1 Ribbon stops being animated during the first lines of the song as she sings.
  • E1 As Baby Shady runs past Woebegone, she’s Shady’s shade of pink.
  • E2 After Masquerade saves Baby Shady, Ribbon runs in and her hooves are placed off the ground on to Lickety Splits legs.
  • E2 As the song starts Baby Shady on Lickety Splits’ back gets Baby Heart Throb’s colours.
  • E2 As the lightening starts after the song Baby Shady has been forgotten and not drawn onto Lickety Splits back.
  • E2 As Masquerade runs after Woebegone after the bees attack, her wings are missing. Then when Masquerade says there looks like there was a fire Ribbon walks right over her legs.
  • E2 When the witch fixes Woebegone’s leg, Ribbon’s horn is the same colour as her mane.
  • E2 When Woebegone leaves for home outside the nursery, Masquerade has no cutie mark.

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