Fugitive Flowers

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Fugitive Flowers
Generation 1 | Season 1 | Episode 38-39
My Little Pony 'n Friends
Original Airdate(s) November 5-6, 1986
Writer(s) Martin Pasko and

Rebecca Parr

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Woe is Me The Would Be Dragonslayer

Fugitive Flowers is a 2 part episode. Each segment is 10 minutes long and it was the thirteenth story in the first series of My Little Pony 'n Friends. This aired in the US between 5th – 6th November 1986


  • Episode 1

The Flores, pretty flowers who are really escaped convicts, trick Posey into feeling sorry for them so she will let them into her garden and tell her The Crab Nasties are after them. The ponies try to protect the Flores from the ugly Crab Nasties who wreck Posey’s garden in pursuit of The Flores. The ponies defeat them and then The Flores’ suggest they put The Crab Nasties in a cave till they’re strong enough to deal with them themselves. The Crab Nasties try to explain that they are the Police, their leader is the Captain and they are the good guys but the ponies don't believe them and lock The Crab Nasties away in the stone prison. All the while Whizzer and Masquerade have a bad feeling they’re telling the truth, having encountered The Crab Nasties before they did The Flores, who never really explained whom they were looking for while ruining Dream Valley. Overnight the Flores take all the nutrients out of the ground to make themselves stronger and more powerful. Then all the other plants in the area wither destroying Posey's garden. Masquerade sneaks up on The Flores during the night discovering this but gets captured by The Flores.

  • Episode 2

Whizzer is drinking from the pond and sees The Flores taking Masquerade. Whizzer frees Masquerade and the ponies realize they have made a mistake and try to stop The Flores. They go to release the Crab Nasties who have already escaped, and then the two ponies find Posey, Megan and Cherries Jubilee to explain it was The Flores who ruined Posey’s garden. They then go find The Crab Nasties and apologize for their mistake. They talk the Crab Nasties into helping them defeat The Flores after they’d washed their hands of them. The good guys eventually win and they put everything back to normal for Posey in her garden. The lesson being that looks can be deceiving and not to judge by appearances. They learn that sometimes pretty characters aren't necessarily good, and ugly characters aren't necessarily bad.




Bettina Bush as Megan
Jeannie Elias as Masquerade, Whizzer
Nancy Cartwright as Posey
Sherry Lynn as Cherries Jubilee
Peter Cullen as Captain Crabnasty
Tress Macneille, Frank Welker and Unknown Actors as Flores

Crew and Credits


  • E1 When they ponies finally defeat The Crab Nasties after Megan says “Phew that’s the last of them” The part where The Flores were planted is unusually large compared to other shots of it.
  • E2 As Masquerade flies off to get The Crab Nasties after being freed by Whizzer, part of her mane flashes two shades of green when it should be just one light colour.
  • E2 After the song, Whizzer then flies towards them and says, "We found them, Megan. The lake, the lake". As she walks towards Megan to give her a ride, Cherries Jubilee's eyes are blue. When Whizzer flies off with Megan on her back, Cherries Jubilee's eyes are back to green.
  • E2 As Whizzer, Cherries Jubilee, Megan and Masquerade run past the screen while The Crab Nasties are fight The Flores Masquerade is missing her wings. After that Masquerade goes missing till the end of the fight.

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