The Return of Tambelon

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The Return of Tambelon
Generation 1 | Season 1 | Episode 26-29
My Little Pony 'n Friends
Original Airdate(s) October 20-23, 1986
Writer(s) Michael Reaves
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Sweet Stuff and the Treasure Hunt Little Piece of Magic
Megan, Molly, and Danny

The Return of Tambelon is a 4 part episode. Each segment is 10 minutes long and it was the eighth story in the first series of My Little Pony 'n Friends. That aired in the US between 20 – 23 October 1986

It is rumoured that there was a song in part two of "The Return of Tambelon" that never aired. It was supposed to have taken place at the episodes beginning around a campfire where Megan fails to begin singing but noticeably goes from a sitting position to a standing one talking to Danny. The song was supposed to be about making plans for the ponies to escape.


  • Episode 1 The ponies are playing hide and seek with Danny and Molly, Baby Ribbon winks out and after a while she doesn’t come back. Ribbon goes to find her, when she doesn’t come back either the others get worried and go to talk to Megan. Galaxy tries to find them too but doesn’t come back either, so they ban winking in and out till they know what’s going on but soon just Buttons out of the unicorns, is the only one left who hasn’t winked. They form search parties to find the unicorns and try to find them, a sudden rock slide then causes Buttons to wink to safety. Later in a dream Ribbons tells Megan “Tambelon”. Paradise remembers the word has something to do with a lost city and is the realm of darkness. It last appeared 500 years ago and the ruler Grogar tried to conquer Ponyland but she couldn’t remember how to stop him. On another search a giant cloud appears before them turning into a castle city, the gates open and an army of Trogals captures most of the ponies.
  • Episode 2 Grogar is not happy with only capturing nearly all the ponies and sends Bray off to get them all in the dungeons by night fall. The remaining group sit around a campfire saying the Baby Ponies are safe with the Moochick then run through a list of who is left or not. They plan to break into the city and free everyone, Megan flies in on Lofty and spots Magic Star, Heart Throb and Galaxy who had escaped via underground, but not before Galaxy had spotted an old bell with an odd feel to it. The three ponies go back for the rest of the captured ponies and lead them to the gates, Meanwhile Peach Blossom flies over the city to see what’s keeping Megan and Lofty. The guards and Grogar re-capture the others and Peach Blossom flies back to tell Danny and co.
  • Episode 3 Deciding what to do now, Wind Whistler works out the source of Grogar’s power was the bell around his neck when Peach Blossom noticed that it glows when in use. They decide to lore Grogar outside the city and grab his bell using Danny’s tape recorder and a recording of Bray’s voice. They fetch his tape recorder from Paradise Estate dodging guards as they go, record Bray’s voice and use Masquerade to lore Grogar out. Everything seemed to be going well till Grogar fights back. He captures Paradise and Forget Me Not while the others escape. Meanwhile the other captured ponies and co plan their escape feeling the giant bell they had found was important but Paradise still couldn’t remember why. Danny and co capture a Trogal, he says he’s left Grogar’s army that some of them want to see him defeated as badly as they do. He leads Danny and co into the castle where other Trogals ambush them.
  • Episode 4 They’re all sitting around worrying about what to do as soon it will be midnight and they’ll be banished to the realm of darkness. The Trogal who lead Danny and co to the others, gets called a traitor and put in the cell with them. The ponies promise the Torgals a home in Ponyland if they help them out. Meanwhile Bray tells Grogar The Moochick and the baby ponies have been captured, he’s now happy Ponyland is his and orders everyone to celebrate. Forget Me Not hears them and works out where the sound of the Trogals celebrating was coming form, which was a crack with fresh air coming through. They decide to use the food in the buckets brought to them in episode one, in to the crack, make it bubble and expand the crack causing the roof to cave in. North Star, Megan and Forget Me Not fly out of the hole to find a way to open the door. They find Bray and steal the keys off of him. Everyone makes a break for it but Grogar does his best to stop them. Spike rings the bells in Paradise’s head and she remembers you had to ring the bell to destroy Grogar’s power. North Star and Megan go off to do that while Forget Me Not risks her life to get Grogar to break down the gate. Tambelon fades away just after everyone gets out in time taking Grogar and Bray with it.



The Return of Tambelon

Running time 56 minutes approx

  • 1989 M.S.D Video Ltd.
  • 1989 Hasbro Inc.
  • 1989 Milton Bradley International Inc.
  • 1989 Subrow Productions Inc.

Tempo Video - Childrens Stories

"The Return of Tambelon

It was a warm sunny day and the Ponies were playing Hide and Seek in the woods. Baby Ribbon could not find anywhere to hide so in a panic she "winked out", she did this several times and then did not return. Soon after many of the Ponies were "winking out" and inexplicably not returning. It was getting dark so the other Ponies ran to Megan to ask for help. Megan's dream gives her the clue...Tambelon! Tambelon, the medieval city has returned for the realms of darkness under the leadership of the powerful Grogar. If the Ponies do not stop Grogar by midnight he will rule Ponyland forever."



Bettina Bush as Megan
Keri Houlihan as Molly
Scott Menville as Danny
Charlie Adler as Spike (3-4)
Susan Blu as Paradise, Buttons (1, 4)
Katie Leigh as Fizzy (1-2, 4), Ribbon (1), Baby Gusty (1-2), Water Lily (1), Heart Throb (2), Lickety-Split (2-4)
B. J. Ward as Peach Blossom (2-3), Surprise (3), Forget-Me-Not (4), North Star (4)
Sherry Lynn as Baby Ribbon (1), Galaxy (1-2, 4)]], Gingerbread (1-3), Cherries Jubilee (3)
Jeannie Elias as Baby Lickety-Split (1), Sunshower (1), Magic Star (2), Whizzer (2), Sweet Stuff (3)
Sarah Partridge as Wind Whistler (3)
Ellen Gerstell as Lofty (1)
Jill Wayne as Shady (1)
Michael Bell as Grogar
Frank Welker as Bray
Unknown actors as Sea Shimmer (1), King of Grundles (2-3), Bushwoolies (2-3), Drog (3-4), Troggles

Non-speaking appearences by Baby Cuddles, Baby Half-Note, Baby Heart Throb, Baby Shady, Baby Sundance, Cupcake, Gusty, Masquerade, Posey, Sundance, Honeysuckle, Lily, Morning Glory, Rosedust, Water Lily

Crew and Credits


  • E1 Paradise isn’t drawn behind Ribbons when Baby Ribbons has only winked in as a horn and tail, then she moves to the other side with Danny.
  • E1 Baby Shady turns into Adult Shady as the wait for Ribbons to return looking for Baby Ribbons.
  • E1 Shady fills in the spot Galaxy was standing in after she just winked out to see where Ribbons and Baby Ribbons have gotten too.
  • E1 As Sweet Stuff walks away with the others to tell the ponies not to wink out, she walks right over Megan’s legs.
  • E1 Buttons doesn’t arrive with the group to the rivers edge but is there to say she’s the last unicorn.
  • E1 As Megan begins to tell the Ponies about her dream Paradise’s wings aren’t drawn on her.
  • E1 As Ribbons explains to Buttons in the dungeon they can’t wink out, Buttons’ cutie mark is missing.
  • E1 Posey joins the group as they first run from the Tambelon cloud when she wasn’t there before.
  • E2 Fizzy is around the campfire when the Grundles arrive at the start even though she’s capture in Tambelon.
  • E2 Lofty and Heart Throb seem to be the captured two at the end of episode one but Lofty is the one flying Megan to the others in this episode.
  • E2 As Magic Star pops the lid on the man hole, She has a wing.
  • E2 As the ponies escape with Megan, Whizzer has joined the extensive cast list.
  • E3 At the start of the episode Wind Whistler is now with the campfire group and the back of Shady’s head can be seen even though she’s captured in Tambelon.
  • E3 Whizzer and Magic Star join the campfire group after Danny gets his bag back even though in episode two they’re seen with Megan.
  • E3 When the ponies surround Grogar a few that are captured have joined the group including Whizzer, Shady, Sweet Stuff and Heart Throb.
  • E3 Paradise and Peach Blossom get caught by Grogar even though Peach Blossom says it was Forget Me Not in which case Forget Me Not was coloured blue instead of purple.
  • E4 Just before the song 'Let the Bell of Freedom Ring,' Megan asks North Star if she could find the bell in time. As North Star replies, "A mere trifle, Megan," Megan's lips move as well as North Star's.
  • Story Error

In episode four The Moochick and Baby Ponies are captured according to Bray but you don’t see them arrive or escape before Tambelon disappears. We can only assume the Trogals who’d captured them never made it back to the city in time.


  • First speaking role for Cherries Jubilee and Sea Shimmer; first and only speaking role for Sunshower.
  • Final appearance of all six Flutter Ponies
  • This episode features almost every Little Pony, Flutter Pony and Baby Sea Pony introduced in the series to this point - the only exceptions are Truly and Surf Rider.

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