Little Piece of Magic

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Little Piece of Magic
Generation 1 | Season 1 | Episode 30
My Little Pony 'n Friends
Original Airdate(s) October 24, 1986
Writer(s) Beth Bornstein
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The Little Piece of Magic episode is 10 minutes long and it was the ninth story in the first series of My Little Pony 'n Friends. This aired in the US on 24th October 1986.


The babies are playing games indoors; they decide to play checkers but the boards up high on a shelf so they send Baby Lofty after it. She can’t fly very well so then they try Baby Ribbon’s wink ability, she gets to the top of the shelf but doesn’t wink all of her body back in. Buttons and Ribbons join them to see what all the noise is, Ribbons then helps her daughter back to her full self before bringing her down from the shelf. Ribbons tells them to play the Make believe game and use their imagination. The two adult ponies take them outside and start the babies off day dreaming away about a red ball. Baby Tiddley dreams of a toy room and a fun house the red ball is showing her around, Baby Lofty imagines a flying red ball that helps her to fly properly, then all of Ponyland honour Baby Lofty for her flying skills. Baby Half Note imagines she’s on stage performing at a ballet concert with the red ball playing the piano for her. Baby Ribbon imagines the ball is her good luck charm and practises winking in and out successfully. She then opens her own school to teach everyone else to wink in and out as great as her. The two adult ponies return ordering the babies take a nap and asking if they had fun. They reply they have believing there never really was a red ball; this confuses the two adults as they sent a red ball over the hill, the adults then find the ball in a bush.





  • Imaging is Fun

Baby Ribbon: Imaging is fun
Baby lofty: A lovely way to pass the time
All: Imaging is fun
Baby Half Note: I love it so pretending I’m a beautiful ballerina
Baby Lofty: Or a nifty flying ace
Baby Tiddley: I’d live in a fantasy toy land.
Baby Ribbon: I would wink through time and space
All: Imagining is fun
The nicest work we’ve ever done.
We know it’s only make believe
As real as it may seem
But imaging is so much fun
It makes your life a dream
Yes imagining is so much fun
It makes your life a dream


Sherry Lynn as Baby Ribbon, Baby Half Note
Katie Leigh as Baby Tiddley-Winks, Ribbon
Jill Wayne as Baby Lofty
Susan Blu as Buttons

Crew and Credits


  • When Baby Lofty goes to get the checker board her ribbon on her tail turns from pink to blue. It also changes to blue while she chases after the flying red ball, twice.
  • Baby Half Note gets a pink mane after Baby Tiddley asks Buttons to play with them.
  • One of the squares that lights up, that Baby Tiddley jumps on in the Fun Maze isn’t level with the other squares.
  • When Baby Tiddley falls down the waterfall she’s given Truly’s colours.

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