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G1 FF Snuzzle
G1 CF Snuzzle
G1 FF Snuzzle's Symbol

Snuzzle is a G1 My Little Pony released in 1983, although her hoof says 1982. She is one of the six original ponies.

Pony Stats

  • Pose: Collectors Pose
  • Body Colour: Grey
  • Hair Colour: Pink
  • Eye Colour: Blue
  • Symbol: Cluster of pink hearts


FF Snuzzle came with a blue orginal comb and a blue ribbon.

CF Snuzzle also came with a blue orginal comb and a blue ribbon.

MO Snuzzle also came with a blue orginal comb and a blue ribbon

Back Card Stories

Note: These stories are reproduced exactly as they appear on the ponies' backcards, including all errors.

US Backcard Story

My Little Pony is a pretty pony with long, shiny hair. She likes you to comb her hair so it stays silky and soft. You can braid her tail and tie it in a ribbon too!

UK Backcard Story

If ever a pony were a little bit sad or lonely, Snuzzle would be the first to notice and go over and nuzzle her head against theirs. Soon they would cheer up and start to laugh and smile again.

US Mail Order insert Story

On sunny days, Snuzzle likes to take a leisurely nap under the rainbow.

Media Appearances

Argentinian Snuzzle

Argentinian Snuzzle Variant I

Argentinian Snuzzle
  • Normal Colours

Argentinian Snuzzle Variant II

Argentinian Snuzzle with white body

Indian Snuzzle

Indian Snuzzle
Indian Snuzzle's hooves
  • made by playskool

Italian Snuzzle

Italian: Polly

Italian Snuzzle Variant I

(first edition) white Italian Snuzzle

Italian Snuzzle Variant II

Stamped on 2 hooves
MIB Italian Snuzzle

Italian Snuzzle Variant III

Italian Snuzzle with airbrushed eyes
MOC Italian Snuzzle with airbrushed eyes

Mail Order Snuzzle

Mail Order Snuzzle

MO Snuzzle MIP

Macau Snuzzle

Macau Snuzzle Drop I

Macau Snuzzle Drop
Macau Snuzzle Drop's hooves

See also:

Macau Snuzzle Drop II

Macau Snuzzle Drop III

(brown body Macau Snuzzle)

Jenny's hooves
  • Jenny, a brown bodied Peachy is sometimes listed as Snuzzle/Peachy
  • brown body with white hair Snuzzle

Mexican Snuzzle

Mexican Snuzzle Variant I

  • hooves marked MADE IN MEXICO and LILY LEDY
  • FF

Mexican Snuzzle Variant II

  • hooves marked MADE IN MEXICO and LILY LEDY
  • CF

Mexican Snuzzle Variant III

Mexican Auriken FF Snuzzle, pink hearts
  • FF
  • no hoof marks

Mexican Snuzzle Variant IV

  • Auriken - white hearts (real pony or faded symbol was once pink?)
  • FF
  • no hoof marks

Spanish Snuzzle

Spanish Perla (Snuzzle)

The Spanish Snuzzle is a piggy pony made by Brekar. Its Spanish name is Perla according to the Brekar backcard for the piggy ponies.

MB also made a Perla pony which does not resemble the Snuzzle.

Retro Snuzzle

G1 Retro Snuzzle

G1 Snuzzle was reissued for My Little Pony's 25th Anniversary. She was packaged along with Blossom and Minty.

Dolly Mix Snuzzle

G1 Dolly Mix Snuzzle

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