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G1 Baby Moondancer
MIP Baby Moondancer
G1 Baby Moondancer's Symbol

Baby Moondancer is a G1 Baby Pony released in 1984.

Pony Stats

  • Pose: Baby Glory Pose
  • Body Colour: White
  • Hair Colour: Pink with purple streak in mane
  • Eye Colour: Purple
  • Symbol: Glittery purple crescent moon and two stars.
  • Blue ribbon

Backcard Stories

Note: These stories are reproduced exactly as they appear on the ponies' backcards, including all errors.

US Backcard Story

G1 Baby Moondancer's US Backcard

Dusk was falling over the forest when Baby Moondancer donned her tutu and ballet slippers to practice her dance steps. "Extend and stretch," she remembered, just like her mother, Moondancer, taught her. Suddenly, she lost her balance and fell onto a bed of soft moss. "I'll never learn to dance like a real ballerina," she sighed.

Mr. Moon was watching Baby Moondancer pull herself to her feet. "Don't stopbecause of a little fall," the Moon urged. "I'll help you dance by casting my shadow on the ground where you should take each step." Baby Moondancer followed Mr. Moon's instructions. Soon she was pirouetting and swaying with ease.

While she danced, the wind quietly called Mother Moondancer to the forest. She was very proud indeed of her little ballerina.

Media Appearances

Baby Moondancer in "Escape from Katrina"

Animated pony stats

  • Body Colour: White
  • Hair Colour: Pink with Purple streak in mane
  • Eye Colour: Pink
  • Symbol: Pink crescent moon and two stars

Baby Moondancer starred in the second My Little Pony TV Special, "Escape from Catrina", in which her voice was played by Alice Playten.

Argentinian Baby Moondancer

Argentinian Baby Moondancer Variant I

Argentina Baby Moondancer with green hair
  • white body with green hair

Argentinian Baby Moondancer Variant II

Argentinian Baby Moondancer with rainbow hair
  • white body with Rainbow hair

Argentinian Baby Moondancer Variant III

  • blue body with yellow/green hair

German Baby Moondancer

G1 German Baby Moondancer

German Baby Moondancer doesn't have glitter on her symbol

Greek Baby Moondancer


Mexican Baby Moondancer

Mexican Baby Moondancer

Pearlized Baby Moondreamer

Baby moondreamer P.JPG

On the pamphlet used for ordering this pony she is referred to as Baby Moondreamer. She was available Year Seven (1988-1989).

Peruvian Baby Moondancer

Loose Photo

Spanish Baby Moondancer

Spanish Baby Moondancer
Spanish Baby Moondancer's hooves
  • Spanish: Rayo-de-luna


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