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English (US): Baby Fancy Pants Pants
French: Bébé Jolie Culotte

In the UK, it seems that part of this set was combined with a few "Playtime Baby Brother Ponies" into a "Playtime Baby Ponies" set.

Baby Fancy Pants ponies have entire diapers printed on them rather than the normal symbol.

The ponies sold in the US were/marked made in Thailand, whereas the ones sold in Europe were made/marked in China [1] The Chinese made ones came in two versions, with either a long forelock or a short forelock. [2] Also, only four of the six were made in China/sold in Europe (see European Baby Fancy Pants Ponies below).

Year 7 Baby Fancy Pants Ponies

Made in Thailand.

Other Release

Argentinian Baby Fancy Pants Ponies

European Playtime Baby Ponies


Four of the six ponies in this set have a Euro variant that was made in China rather than Thailand. Those made in China were sold with either a long forelock or a short forelock.

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