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I've been a serious G1 Pony collector since 1995.

It all started with finding all of the ponies I had as a child and somehow (haha) lost along the way. I'm sure one went out the car window during a road trip but as for the others I'm not sure what happened. During a room renovation I carefully packaged up all of my My Little Kitties & Puppies but either someone found it and trashed it or the neighborhood kids finally managed to permanently 'borrow' them. In any case I have managed to find all of my missing pieces of childhood nostalgia and then some. I really should blame Pinwheel as my 'gateway' pony but I'm ok with the pony addiction and the results of it - and I can totally stop any time I want to.

I also adore this Wiki. It's pretty much the best thing I've seen happen to Pony collecting since I began - where we had to use email News Groups and Forums alone to find anything and very few people knew anything about any pony, where we had to use snail mail to make purchases and money orders from the post office for international orders. *whispers* kids have it so easy these days... *cough*

Anyway, I've recently decided I can help out with certain portions of the wiki, mainly the G1 other section because I have a boatload of the Little Pretties, a sweet camera, and time for research. I've also found, much like when and why this Wiki was first created, that the other online resources for the Little Pretties hadn't been updated in ages and it was all somewhat incomplete. So here I am.

I have donated over 800 photos, mostly Little Pretty Kitties & Puppies but also some ponies, to the Wiki. These photos are for everyone, you may use them for your wishlists and pinterest and whatnot as long as you LEAVE MY WATERMARK on them. BUT DO NOT USE MY IMAGES ON ANY 'FOR SALE' TYPE LISTINGS.