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Hey, i'm Metallica14. I add things to the site regularly, and I know a lot about foreign ponies, especially Argentinian variants. But sadly, i own no foreign ponies :( (although the other day i was THIS CLOSE, well u kinda cant see me through the screen but i get the point, to owning a beautiful cascade! oh well, congrats to whoever owns her now)

I am an extreme metalhead. I listen to only metal and rock, nothing else! My favorite band is Bullet For mt Valentine. I hate all the stupid pop songs that are overplayed on the radio... they're all repetative, have terrible or annoying beats, lyrics that have no effort put into them...they just get on my nerves! although the one band that annoys me the most is brokencyde..... dont even think about looking them up lol.

I am a loving owner of 2 dogs: a pomeranian and a black lab.

And, About how I got into the ponies....I first started liking My Little Pony when I was very little. I loved horses and ponies for all my life, and ever since my Grandma bought me my first pony, I fell in love with them. I watched the mlp movie countless times, and my Grandma bought me ponies whenever I asked her for some (thanks Grandma!) I remember having a huge g3 collection, but the only ones I remember having out of all of them are Applejack, Spring Fever, and a pink fakie (just got applejack back!). I lost interest in them after a while. I even remember going to mcdonalds one day (I dont even like mcdonalds anymore lol) and getting a My Little Pony in my happy meal (even though i asked for the boy toy, lol), then bringing to school and destroying it with my friends (i wish i had kept it now lol)! I've only just recently got into the ponies again, but I sure know a lot about them already! I just amassed a large collection of well over 70 ponies, mostly g3.5's and g4's, including a complete collection of mcdonald's g4 ponies (i still dont like mcdonalds), but there are some g1's and a good amount of g3's in there too. My favoritest ponies ever are Masquerade, Lickety Split, Sparkler, Gusty, and Locket.

Besides MLP, i have a great fondness for Pokemon, and those silly (but funny!) internet memes, such at the Why U No guy, the Troll Face, The Rock Driving, The Advice Puppy, the Insanity Wolf, and so on. and, Hot Topic and Spencer's are like the only places i shop at lol.

one more thing, i am a very silly gal!

So now u know about me. lol

i am MisfitPony on mlptp, my NEW name on the mlparena is Behemoth..... MisfitPony is my old name on there. i dont use the tp very often tho..... that sounded weird XD