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Greetings & Salutations, I am cirrusrose. A perpetually busy guy who loves sour candy, rainy days and indie music.

I have been a reasonably quiet member of the online MLP & Toy community since forever. I just never stopped collecting toys as they bring me joy when times get tough.

My collections are: My Little Pony (all gens), Strawberry Shortcake, Moondreamers, Glo Friends, Barbie, Wee Wild Things, Hollywoods, Cutie Club, Wish World Kids, She-Ra: Princess of Power, Cupcakes & Popcorn Pretties, Kidgetts, Lady Lovelylocks, Polly Pocket, Sweet Secrets, Care Bears, Transformers, TMNT, Ghostbusters (Kenner) and Lego. I also collect modern toys like Winx Club, My Mini MixieQ's, Num Noms, Powerpuff Girls, Zoobles, Zelfs, Lock Stars and Funko Pop Vinyls. Just when you think I can't collect anything else, I also collect Vintage Stickers, Tarot Decks, Kawaii Stationery and Hard-to-Find Movies.

I've almost finished both Moondreamers and Glo Friends pages, which I started, but just need a little help to complete them.

Can you help?