The Ghost of Paradise Estate

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The Ghost of Paradise Estate
Generation 1 | Season 1 | Episode 11-14
My Little Pony 'n Friends
Original Airdate(s) September 29 & 30, October 1 & 2, 1986
Writer(s) George Arthur Bloom
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The End of Flutter Valley The Great Rainbow Caper

The Ghost of Paradise Estate is a 4 part episode. Each segment is 10 minutes long and it was the second story in the first series of My Little Pony 'n Friends. Which aired in the US between 29 September - 2 October 1986.


  • Episode 1: The ponies and Megan are decorating Paradise Estate’s nursery. When they were done they all settle down to sleep in the estate. A hand appears under the bed and pulls the bedcovers off of Baby Heart Throb. She wakes up to see a ghost and goes to find Baby Sundance and Baby Lickety split. She tells them about the ghost but they tell her it’s a bad dream she then tries Megan for help. Meanwhile the ghost scares the other two who wake all the other ponies up. They panic around the room and the ghost becomes a large bat, then the babies start fighting it with pillows. The ghost leaves out of the window and Megan thinks they were all having a pillow fight. She sends them back to sleep but they don’t want to be alone so she gets Molly to stay with them. Time passes and the ghost comes back this time after Molly. They all run to Megan then search the estate and find Spike. Danny sets up a trap for the ghost with some cake in a box but Spike sets it off. Danny sets up another trap of some water over a door, which Spike sets off again. While searching the ghost finally shows himself.
  • Episode 2: The ghost claims Paradise Estate as his own and he wants them to leave. Everyone tries to catch it and chases it out of the building. Megan asks it to talk to them but it refuses and gets stuck in a tree. It reveals it’s self to be a female shape changing bird, Pluma a Penma. She explains Dream Valley used to be her home but today she has come from a land far far away. Her plan was to get all the ponies out so she could drop a large net on them. She then explains she was forced to do this by someone named Squirk, that Dream Valley used to be under water and ruled by Squirk. He had a magical amulet called a Flashstone that he used on any one who said anything against him and he used it mercilessly. Over time the water sank into the earth and her grand father and his flock arrived wanting a place to live. Squirk chased them off but her grandfather fought back. He stole the Flashstone from Squirk and smashed it in halve, he threw one half in the river and the other in Dream Valley. She then explains Squirk has kidnapped her grandfather to force Pluma to work for him, she apologies to the ponies as she destroys Paradise Estate. Megan asks if the unicorn ponies could teleport out but they explain they can only wink out from and to empty spaces so Buttons uses her magic to untie a rope around a rock, holding the nets up freeing the ponies, but it’s too late Pluma has destroyed Paradise Estate.
  • Episode 3: Pluma changes into a drill and drills down under where the house used to be. She retrieves half of the amulet, she then hoped to restore the building with the flashstone but she only restores half of it. They all plan to help Pluma find the other half. Megan sends a shell into the water to call for the Sea ponies and they go underwater by bubble with a little of Fizzy’s help, to find Pluma’s grandfather. Squirk wants to flood the land like before and wonders what happened to Pluma, she signals right then that she has half the amulet so Squirk send Crank to do the dirty work of retrieving it off of her but Buttons moves the amulet as Crank goes to take it off the floor causing a tug of war. Megan and co are now underwater all of them in the bubbles being pushed by the sea ponies, they have to hide as Squirk goes to see what’s keeping Crank but make it to Pluma’s grandfather and break him out of his cage that Squirk was holding him in. Squirk makes it to land and he kidnaps Pluma, Spike and Buttons as well as the amulet and then gets back in time to stop the others escaping in more bubbles. They find themselves tied up and in the bone jaws of a dinosaur head being held up by plants other creatures above them were eating, slowly letting the jaws snap shut. Squirk uses the amulet to look for the other half and floods the land.
  • Episode 4: The land is covered in water meanwhile Buttons has an idea to move a giant shell to block the jaws from chomping on them. She manages to move it in time while Pluma and her Grandfather change into a buzz saw to cut the ropes tied around them and free every one who gets out just in time. Fizzy makes some more bubbles and they leave back to Paradise estate. Danny has a plan to catch Squirk and Crank in Pluma’s nets. Pluma glows a rainbow prism of light over the water and Squirk rises to the surface to see what it is. He finds the ponies that say they don’t mind if he rules them as long as he stops flooding the land. Danny gives the signal to the Pegasus ponies holding the net up high in the sky, they descend tying squirk up. He begins to shoots randomly with the flashstone but Buttons uses her magic to steal the stone back. Megan calls Wind Whistler and she goes about stopping the floods and putting everything back to normal, washing Squirk and Crank away. Megan finally destroys the stone and explains it can be used to easily for evil. Pluma apologies again and thanks them for their help then leaves with her grandfather.




Bettina Bush as Megan
Keri Houlihan as Molly
Scott Menville as Danny
Charlie Adler as Spike
Susan Blu as Buttons (2-4), Pluma (2-4)
Katie Leigh as Baby Gusty (1), Baby Shady (1), Fizzy (2-4), Lickety-Split (2)
Nancy Cartwright as Baby Heart Throb (1, 3-4), Gusty (2-4)
Sherry Lynn as Baby Ribbon (1), Baby Sundance (1-2), Galaxy (2-3), Gingerbread (2)
Jill Wayne as Baby Lofty (1-2), Shady (1-2)
Jeannie Elias as Baby Lickety Split (1), Masquerade (1)
Sarah Partridge as Wind Whistler (4)
Frank Welker as Squirk

Unknown actors as Crank, Pluma's Grandfather

Non-speaking appearences by Cherries Jubilee, Cupcake, Heart Throb, Lofty, Magic Star, North Star, Posey, Ribbon, Sundance, Sweet Stuff, Truly, Whizzer, Ripple, Sea Shimmer, Sunshower, Surf Rider

Crew and Credits


  • E1 The baby ponies’ swap places from when the bat first pushes them up the corner to when they fight back with pillows.
  • E1 Baby Sundance stands on air as she picks up a pillow also not on the ground.
  • E1 When Megan and Molly enter the room, Baby Heart Throb has Baby Lofty’s colours. Baby Lofty is also missing from the room after that even though we see her fighting the ghost.
  • E1 Megan shuts the window but later while the ponies sleep the window is open again.
  • E1 Megan jumps from Baby Cuddles as the song starts to Baby Gusty then as she walks to the left where either Ribbons or Cuddles should be a pink pony is.
  • E1 As Molly talks to Megan after she’s seen the ghost what should be Baby Lofty is now another flying pink pony Whizzer.
  • E1 When Spike pops out; the shading on Megan disappears as she tells him it wasn’t funny.
  • E1 When Spike is trapped in the box and the light goes out the door is still clearly open behind him.
  • E1 When Ribbons sees herself in the door way, as they zoom out the second pony turns white like Gusty.
  • E2 Previous episode everyone was in their night clothes when we join them in part 2 they’re all dressed and other ponies have joined the group. Different ones keep appearing all through the song too.
  • E3 For a split second as Megan helps Pluma’s Grandfather escape, her collar turns black.
  • E3 As Megan and co run from Squirk after saving the grandfather, Fizzy turns into Buttons.
  • E3 When the ponies are scared of the water rising Buttons who’s tied up with Megan is in the group. And Gusty’s mane flashes over her horn.
  • E4 Pluma’s Grandfathers bubble doesn’t pop up with the rest when they reach the surface after escape plus the sea ponies are no longer pushing them.
  • E4 When Megan calls Wind Whistler who should be holding the net really, Cupcake has replaced Fizzy.

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  • Baby Heart Throb, Gingerbread, Galaxy, Masquerade, Truly, Whizzer, Ripple, Sea Shimmer and Surf Rider make their first appearence.
  • Baby Heart Throb, Baby Ribbon, Baby Shady, Masquerade, Galaxy and Gingerbread have their first speaking roles.
  • Lickety-Split, Baby Lickety-Split and Baby Sundance return, played by new actors.

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