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G1 Raincurl
G1 Raincurl's Symbol
MOC Raincurl
MOC Raincurl

Raincurl is a G1 Rainbow Curl pony. Her UK name is Rainbow Cloud.

English (US/CAN): Raincurl
English (UK): Rainbow Cloud
German: Regenbogenwolke

Pony Stats

  • Pose: Tootsie Pose
  • Body Colour: White
  • Hair Colour: 'Fading Pink', yellow, purple and turquoise
  • Eye Colour: Pink
  • Symbol: Rainbow and cloud surrounded by purple stars

Accessories: 2 pieces

  • purple shooting star brush
  • yellow ribbon

Re-Dyed Hair

This loose Raincurl's fading pink hair has been re-dyed to look more like the original color.

Backcard Stories

US Backard Story

How the Rainbow Curl Ponies got their Stripes

In Ponyland, rain poured from the sky for many days. When the clouds drifted away, the Rainbow Curl Ponies skipped outside to splash in the puddles. As Stripes, Ringlet, Streaky and Raincurl danced in the wet grass, they noticed the rain had washed all the colors from the rainbow. Gathering their paints, the ponies climbed up the pale arch and began to paint the stripes with bright, new colors. When they finished, the rainbow gleamed in the sky. To thank them for their colorful help, the rainbow sprinkled each pony with magical rainbow crystals. When the crystals touched them, pretty rainbows appeared on the ponies. And that is how the Rainbow Curl Ponies got their stripes!

UK Backard Story

When Rainbow Cloud wiggles her nose at a cloud, almost anything can happen! One day, she turned a cloud into a Rainbow Palace and invited the Starlight Baby Ponies to tea. All the food was rainbow coloured. Baby Mischief curled an oatcake round her hoof then put it in her mane. "I want rainbow curls like yours," she chuckled to Rainbow Cloud. So, Rainbow Cloud went outside and wiggled her nose at a cloud. She turned it into rainbow curls for Baby Mischief. "When it rains your curls will turn back into a cloud and float away!" she said. And they did!

Have you ever seen a rainbow cloud floating through the sky?

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