Peachy Blue

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Peachy Blue by Anja Carr, photo by Anja Carr.

Peachy Blue is a sculpture made by artist Anja Carr done in 2016. [1] The sculpture features Peachy and Bluebelle with tails braided together and two red ribbons sealing the knot.

Each pony is 132cm (51.97") high. They are made from XPS polystyrene and shaped using a CNC-cutting machine. They are plastered and painted with an acrylic medium.[2] In 2017 they were also featured in an exhibition as part of a set. The exhibition is a three part show that features a canvas photo suspended by ropes of the ponies being braid-tied to a nude man sleeping. The same photo canvas have also been sewn into a stuffed sculpture with a whip.[3]

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