My Little Pony: The Movie (2017)

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My Little Pony: The Movie (2017)
Generation 4 | Season 7 | Movie
My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic
Original Airdate(s) October 6th 2017
Director(s) Jayson Thiessen
Screenplay Meghan McCarthy - Rita Hsiao
Michael Vogel
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From Where and Back Again School Daze: Part 1

[b]My Little Pony: The Movie[/b] is a standalone movie in the My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic series that takes place before Season 8.

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The movie opens with a sweeping view of Canterlot, and we enter the castle to see Twilight Sparkle panicking over a to-be-held Friendship Festival. Princesses Celestia, Luna, and Cadance reassure her that all will be well. Twilight Sparkle goes to oversee preparations for the festival and her friends reassure her as well. As the festival is beginning, an ominous cloud appears along with an airship, and Grubber announces the arrival of Tempest Shadow. Tempest threatens the Princesses on behalf of the Storm King, but they refuse. She launches green magic that turns the Princesses into statues, but not before Celestia tells Luna to go and request help from the "Queen of the Hippos". Twilight narrowly avoids being statue'd and she and her friends fall down a waterfall while the Storm King's minions capture and enslave the rest of the festival goers. Tempest instructs Grubber to go and retrieve the escapees, but he is hesitant to travel down the waterfall. Twilight Sparkle decides to pursue this Queen of Hippos Celestia was talking about, so she and her friends head down a path. They find themselves in a desert, with little around them. Tired and distraught, they are delighted to see a city occupied by various bipedal creatures. While in the city, they are soon hounded by the citizens, as they have never seen ponies visit before. A bipedal cat, Capper, helps escort the ponies to his home to see if they can be helped. Twilight Sparkle is apprehensive, but he convinces the rest of her friends to come to his home to see if he can help them find their way. While there, Rarity fixes Capper's torn coat and he is touched by her generosity, and Twilight Sparkle discovers there is a Queen of the Hippogriffs who lives on Mount Aris. He, despite this, betrays the ponies by attempting to sell them off to pay his debt. The ponies soon see Tempest Shadow has followed them to the city and is hot on their tails, so they make an escape into a departing airship. This airship happens to be under the Storm King's control, and once they are discovered as stowaways and about to be sent to walk the plank, Captain Celaeno announces that it is lunch break and they cease to eat. Rainbow Dash learns that the pirates used to be amazing, but are now just used to ship various Storm King merchandise about. She convinces them to return to being pirates, and she performs a Sonic Rainboom, alerting Tempest to their location. The airship is shot down and the ponies find themselves on the beach of Mount Aris, which is abandoned. They become trapped in an underground cavern and are saved by Princess Skystar, who brings them to the Queen Novo, the Queen of the Hippogriffs. Queen Novo demonstrates the power of the pearl while Skystar tells the story of how the Hippogriffs transformed into Seaponies to escape the Storm King. Skystar is sad to hear that the ponies need to leave, but Twilight convinces Pinkie Pie to play with Skystar while she attempts to steal the pearl. Her plot is discovered and they are transformed back into ponies and sent to a deserted beach. Twilight Sparkle bursts out in anger at Pinkie Pie and sits alone, and is soon captured by Tempest Shadow. Tempest tells Twilight about how she was shunted by ponies after her horn was snapped off, and Twilight assures her it is not too late to change, but it falls on deaf ears. Twilight is brought to the storm king and her power, along with the power of the other 3 princesses, is used to power up the Storm King's staff, which he uses to cause a storm. In the meantime, Pinkie and the remainder of her friends lick their wounds and decide to confront Twilight Sparkle, but Spike informs them that she has been captured. The ponies meet up with Capper Dapperpaws, Princess Skystar, and the bird pirates and they all decide to rescue Twilight by masquerading as slaveponies delivering a cake to the Storm King. Their attempt proves successful, and they attempt to help Twilight Sparkle save the day. Tempest is redeemed when she sacrifices herself to save Twilight Sparkle. The Storm King petrifies himself and falls off the side of the castle, shattering. The storm is stopped and the celebration continues.