Jolly Treats (HQG1C)

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Dasher/Jolly Treats
Dasher/Jolly Treats

The 2017 Holiday season was a busy time for HQG1C! To celebrate the project’s success over the first year of sales, a “Mega Bundle” was released in a limited quantity. The Mega Bundle included the season’s newest ponies, starting with a Christmas themed boy pony, as well as a few surprises. There were also a few add-on options available; this is when Snow 2.0 was released. There was also a solid white pony in the unicorn pose named Winter. Like Snow, Winter also does not have symbols. The ponies that were exclusive to the bundle were limited quantities; those remaining after the bundle deal were sold individually at a later date.

HQG1C started a poll to name the new Christmas brother, and collectors could not agree! Therefore he goes by both DASHER and Jolly Treats. It is important to know this is the exact same pony, and some collectors may simply use the name they prefer. There is no variation whatsoever between the two named ponies.

Pony Stats

  • Name: Dasher/Jolly Treats
  • Pose: Daddy/Big Brother pose
  • Body Color: dark green
  • Hair Color: red and white candy striped
  • Eye Color: brown
  • Symbol: gingerbread man riding a sleigh


Jolly Treats Story

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