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Gilda is a G4 griffon. She appeared as a minor antagonistic character in the series My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. She was later introduced to merchandise and was one of the first non-pony characters to be featured as a toy.

Media Appearances

Animated Stats

  • Coat Color: Brown body with Dark Brown wings/white head with purple markings
  • Eye Color: Gold

Gilda appears in the episode Griffon the Brush Off. She is introduced as a childhood friend of Rainbow Dash, with whom Gilda attended flight school. Like Rainbow Dash, she is competitive, playful, and enjoys pranks. However, she can be mean and is prone to bully others, but usually hides this around Rainbow Dash. However, Rainbow would later witness Gilda's attitude, leading Rainbow to end her friendship


Blind Bag Figurine

Gilda's Blind Bag Figure

Stock Photo of the Cloudsdale Miniature Collection

A blind bag figurine of Gilda was released as part of the Cloudsdale Miniature Collection. A second Gilda was released with the eighth wave of Mystery Packs. Her collector card stated that she "loves flying with Rainbow Dash."

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