Dizzy Lizzy

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Dizzy Lizzy, Loose
Spanish MOC

Regional Names (English Translation)

  • Dutch: Duizelijntje met Betoverde Wensbron (Dizzylin with Enchanted Wishing Well)
  • Finnish:
  • French:
  • German:
  • Greek: ΓΛΥΚΟΥΔΑ – Glykouda (Sweet)
  • Italian: Turchina e il Pozzo dei Desideri (Blue and the Magic Wishing Well)
  • Norwegian:
  • Spanish: Pony Deseos con Pozo Mágico (Pony Wishes with Magic Well)
  • Swedish:

Pony Stats

Loose with Most Accessories – Missing Heart-Shaped Bottle Necklace
  • Pose: Moon Shadow Pose
  • Body Color: Pink
  • Hair Color: Blue Forelock, Blue and Lilac Mane, Blue Tail
  • Eye Color: Purple with Green Crystal
  • Symbol: Purple Rose Wand with Ribbons Around Handle and Three Purple Stars

Backcard Stories



Dizzy Lizzy can never make up her mind what to do but her magic wishing well can always answer all her questions.



Mi Pequeño Pony te espera en Ponylandia. Los ponys son tus nuevos amigos mágicos y tienen muchas ganas de vivir emocionantes aventuras contigo. Únete a ellos, tendrás montones de sorpresas y verás cómo tus sueños se hacen realidad. ¡Mi Pequeño Pony sólo te necesita a TI para que empiece la diversión!

  • 1. Llena el colgante de agua fría y verás cómo cambia de color por arte de magia.
  • 2. ¡Presiona su cola y moverá la cabeza!

Pony Deseos es muy indecisa. Está siempre cambiando de opinión, y utiliza su pozo mágico de los deseos para hacerle todo tipo de preguntas sobre el futuro y quedarse más tranquila.

English Translation: My Little Pony awaits you in Ponyland. Ponies are your new magical friends and they are eager to live exciting adventures with you. Join them, you will have lots of surprises and you will see how your dreams come true. My Little Pony only needs YOU to start the fun!

  • 1. Fill the pendant with cold water and watch it magically change color.
  • 2. Press his tail and he will move his head!

Pony Wishes is very indecisive. She is always changing her mind, and uses her magical wishing well to ask him all kinds of questions about the future and calm herself down.


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