Butterfly Island Adventure

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This article is about Butterfly Island (playset). For "Butterfly Island (location)", see Butterfly Island (location).


There are four versions of the Butterfly Island playset.

Welcome to Butterfly Island! In this tropical paradise, the sun is brighter, the sky is bluer and it feels like magic is in the air. From morning to night, the ponies are having fun and meeting new friends - like the magical Pegasus ponies that soar through the sky! On Butterfly Island, anything can happen, and new adventures are always just around the corner! Experience an island-full of fun and adventure! Place exclusive baby Pegasus pony HONOLU-LOO on the butterfly ride for twirly-swirly fun. Or help her "ride into the clouds" on a rainbow while you listen to the electronic tropical tune. Her other pony friends (sold separately) can play along the surf, sliding down the waterfall. Or dress them in the snorkeling gear to play with the dolphins. Playset includes spinning clothes rack, palm tree, smoothie shack, 2 signs, sandcastle mold, sandcastle, shovel, sand pail, snorkel mask, 4 flippers, "grass" skirt and brush. Requires 2 LR6 "button-cell" batteries (not included). -(butterfly-island1.jpg)

Butterfly Island Story

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