Bright Lights

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Bright Lights
Generation 1 | Season 1 | Episode 21-24
My Little Pony 'n Friends
Original Airdate(s) October 13, 14, 15, & 16 1986
Writer(s) Barbara Petty
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Pony Puppy Sweet Stuff and the Treasure Hunt

Bright Lights is a 4 part episode. Each segment is 10 minutes long and it was the sixth story in the first series of My Little Pony 'n Friends. That aired in the US between 13 – 16 October 1986


  • Episode 1 Megan, Molly, Lickety Split, Baby Lofty, Baby Half Note and Baby Heart Throb have gone to see Knight Shade and his band on stage. Baby Heart Throb is a huge fan and is jumping about. Megan asks her to sit down after jumping around but she doesn’t so Lickety Split drops an ice cream on her to cool her off. Concert over Baby Heart Throb tries to say sorry by going to get Lickety Split another ice cream, even though Megan is worried what their mothers will say if they’re late, she lets the three baby ponies go. Instead the three baby ponies run into Zeb, Knight Shades’ Personal Manager. Zeb realises they’re fans and takes them to meet him. Knight Shade gives the babies a tour while Megan gets worries and goes off to find and fetch the babies. Megan asks Zeb if he’d seen them, he says yes and that he’d sent them home to their mothers. Megan and co head home to see if the babies got back ok, Meanwhile Zeb asks the returning babies from their tour if they have any musical talents. Baby Heart Throb tells Zeb she wants to be a back up singer for Knight Shade and the babies begin competing to show Zeb whose best. Knight Shade gets them to sing as a group and they get added to the tour. Megan meanwhile still can’t find the babies and has to tell Heart Throb and Lofty they’re missing. They go back to look for them but the concert group had moved on and concluded Knight Shade has taken them so they form two search parties. Meanwhile the babies are practicing on stage, Zeb opens his satchel bag and a green mist steals their shadows, which leaves them quite tired and unwell. Baby Half Note soon notices Baby Lofty’s shadow is gone and her own. Meanwhile Megan and her group have arrived in Muensterville and greeted by the Mayor. They ask about Knight Shade and the mayor traps them in a giant mouse trap believing them friends of Knight Shade. The two babies Half Note and Lofty confront Zeb and Knight Shade asking for their shadows back but Baby Heart Throb defends Knight Shade saying he’s no thief. They try to run for home but three rats cage them up.
  • Episode 2 The babies worry they’ll never see anyone again while the others in the mouse trap want to be freed. The mayor explains what Knight Shade has done and Megan explains they’re not friends with Knight Shade. Megan concludes why the children are sick as it’s due to their missing shadows. The mayor lets them go but sends the sheriff and himself with them to hunt for Knight Shade, as they’ll need their help getting past their cousins the Roudies. Megan and Co make it to where Knight Shade’s concert trailer now rests and they hear the baby ponies crying. Freeing the babies, they explain Knight Shade had stolen their shadows too. Megan and co then go off to make Knight Shade give them back. They spot Zeb and Knight Shade looking in a cloudy mirror before letting Zeb out the trailer door to leave. Every one bursts in and demands their children’s shadows back. Knight Shade kicks them out the way and makes a break for it. The group chase him down and tie him up. Knight Shade breaks down and confesses Erebus the smoke in the mirror, made him do it. They realise Zeb was the one who had the shadows and they’d let him get away. Knight Shade tells his story of how he was a failing singer from Grey vale that used to be called Bright Valley. Erebus promised to make him a star, they held a smash hit concert where Erebus and Zeb stole everyone’s shadow including Knight Shades mothers. He refused to do any more but Erebus threaten to take Knight Shade’s shadow too, as the shadows increased his magic powers, Knight Shade didn’t want this to happen as he was hoping to save the Grey vale himself. Baby Heart Throb begs that they let him go and they do. They decide to fight Erebus themselves and get Knight Shade to show them the way. Reaching Grey vale the horses with the missing shadows that live there, recognize Knight Shade and tell him he’ll be sorry for coming back.
  • Episode 3 The horses have Megan and co trapped and are ready to get Knight Shade but his mother shows up and stops them. Knight Shade asks for forgiveness, Knight Shades’ mother gives it and sends the other horses away. Continuing on to Erebus following Knight Shade, Erebus and Zeb see them coming and decide to roll out the red carpet. Erebus thanks Knight Shade for bringing him the shadows but Knight Shade tells Erebus he’s quitting helping find shadows. Molly demand everyone’s shadows back before Erebus gets angry and blows them mostly into a fountain. Most of the ponies run off leaving Megan, Molly and Knight Shade at the fountain. Zeb tries to take their shadows but Knight Shade head butts him and runs off with the bag that is taking all the shadows. Zeb knocks it out of Knight Shades’ mouth and fall over Knight Shade. Knight Shade says he’ll take care of Zeb while Megan and Molly should try to get the bag. The other ponies and co have hidden from Erebus in a bush but he soon finds them, seeing the mess of leaves on the floor and they’re on the run again. Megan finds the bag, which Zeb snatches back off of Megan and Molly just before Heart Throb, runs into them followed by the rest of the group and Erebus. Erebus separates Galaxy from the group and he’s looking a bit warn down, he gets Zeb to steal Galaxy’s shadow. Erebus declares that he’s hungry and eats the shadow to refuelling himself. They take Galaxy and manage to escape to a cave. They’ve noticed he gets smaller the less energy that Erebus has. Megan work outs a plan to stop him, Knight Shade says they need an army to ware him out, Megan did have an army in mind. Erebus wants more shadows feeling faint so sends Zeb and the rats out to get more, meanwhile Megan sends Lofty and Molly out to get the Flutter Ponies but even though they’re flying low they get captured by the rats.
  • Episode 4 The rat has Molly hanging from a tree by her waist, other rats land on Lofty’s back as she tries to help stop Zeb taking Molly’s shadow. Lofty knocks them off and flies off with Molly to Flutter Valley. Knight Shade thinks there’s no point in talking to Grey vale horses but Megan says he’s wrong and they need them to get the babies’ shadows back. The horses ask back why should we help you? Still refusing to help. Erebus is angry Zeb let them get away and wants more shadows. The Mayor concludes they’ll be after them next as they’re the only ones with Shadows left. Zeb begs Knight Shade to rejoin him but he refuses and tries to fight him, Zeb then takes Lickety Split’s shadow too. Zeb feeds Erebus the shadow as the rats surround them. They begin to attack Knight Shade and his mother asks them to spare him. The rats take Knight Shade's mother away and hold him prisoner, while Erebus reminds him about the fans and glory he’s missing out on. Knight Shade still refuses to rejoin. Erebus blames Megan for Knight Shades’ rebellion as the Flutter Ponies arrive. The Flutter Ponies take care of Erebus releasing the trapped shadows. The Grey Valeins and the Flutter Ponies chase Zeb ending with the arrest of the two. Molly is returned to Megan and every thing goes back to normal. Knight Shade puts on another concert for the ponies with the baby ponies as the back up singers.



Bright Lights

Running time - 46 minutes

  • 1988 Hasbro Inc
  • 1988 Sunbow Productions Inc
  • 1988 MSD Video Ltd

Tempo video - Childrens Stories

Bright Lights - Whilst out with Megan and Molly the Baby Ponies run off with Night Shade, a pony star, whose mysterious assistant, Zeb, uses a satchel to steal their shadows. Meanwhile, Megan and the Ponies, while trying to find the Baby Ponies, join some Mousie to do battle with some Rats. Zeb and erebus nearly steal everyone's shadow before Molly's ride for help is a success. (from VHS case)



Bettina Bush as Megan
Keri Houlihan as Molly
Nancy Cartwright as Baby Heart Throb
Jill Wayne as Baby Lofty (1-3)
Sherry Lynn as Baby Half Note (1-2), Galaxy (2)
Katie Leigh as Heart Throb (1-3), Lickety-Split (1-3)
Ellen Gerstell as Lofty
Unknown actors as Zeb, Erebus, Knight Shade

Non-speaking appearences by Baby Lickety Split, Baby Ribbon, Baby Shady, Buttons, Cupcake, Fizzy, North Star, Paradise, Shady, Whizzer, Forget-Me-Not, Honeysuckle, Lily, Morning Glory, Peach Blossom, Rosedust

Crew and Credits


  • E1 When Lickety Split is walking, saying she wasted a perfectly good Ice Cream cone on Baby Heart Throb her mouth isn’t moving.
  • E1 While Megan is dividing up the groups to search for the baby ponies first Fizzy is next to Galaxy then she isn’t then she is again.
  • E1 At the end of the song as we go from a high angle to a low angle Baby Lofty swaps places with Baby Heart Throb.
  • E1When Megan and the Ponies are in Muensterville looking for Knight Shade, the mayor of Muensterville traps them in a giant mouse trap. As Lofty flails around she's drawn with three hind legs in some of the frames and her neck is missing.
  • E2 The ponies are drawn on their fronts in the mouse trap when they were caught on their backs in episode one.
  • E2 As the Ponies try to reason with the mayor of Muensterville to let them out of the mouse trap, part of the bar in front of North Star's neck disappears as Lofty is talking. North Star's neck and lower jaw also disappear during the same shot.
  • E2 As Baby Lofty cries on the floor of her cell, her wings are missing.
  • E2 As they say the coast is clear Lofty isn’t with the group that runs off when she should be.
  • E2 After Lofty kick frees the baby ponies from the cell, Heart Throb has no eyes.
  • E2 As Knight Shade kicks the mayor and the police officer into the Ponies, Lickety Split is visible in the group of Ponies even though she’d not joined them originally.
  • E2 After Knight Shade finishes telling Megan his story Gusty has joined the group when she wasn’t in it before.
  • E2 As Megan decides to fight Erebus Lickety Split has joined the group again and the sheriff has become a villager. Through out the episode the sheriff becomes a lot of different people.
  • E3 Baby Shady can be seen running away from Erebus when we look down on them from up high. The sheriff is also a villager again. Next scene after that two Lickety Splits run by with an adult Shady.
  • E3 Heart Throb is sitting on air after running into Megan and Molly. Then the black of Heart Throb’s eyes is white.
  • E3 When they get away from Erebus in to the cave, Baby Ribbons has joined the group.
  • E4 Lickety Split is still with the group again permanently and Baby Half Note seems to have been forgotten from the story.
  • E4 As the first yellow horse of Grey Vale asks why should we help you? Her neck is filled in blue to match what she is wearing.
  • E4 As Knight Shade's mother asks Zeb and Erebus to spare her son, she appears to have her shadow, even though it was stolen during Knight Shade's first concert.
  • E4 Cup Cake and Buttons have joined the group after Erebus and Zeb are arrested.
  • E4 As released shadows return to their owners, Knight Shade and Heart Throb get theirs back, even though the two have never had their shadows stolen in the first place.


  • First appearance and first speaking role for Baby Half-Note

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