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Ahgg first appeared in My Little Pony: The Movie and comes back for a second appearance in the My Little Pony Series episode 3 of The End of Flutter Valley. He is a giant cyclops spider that has ticklish legs.

In My little Pony: The Movie The Witches send Ahgg to stop Megan and friends from reaching Flutter Valley to acquire their help in riding the land of The Smooze. Ahgg traps them behind a rock, Molly Megan’s younger sister heard spiders were ticklish so she grabs some weeds and began tickling Ahgg’s legs. The rest joined in and slip past Ahgg while he is in a fit of laughter.

In The End of Flutter Valley, the witches again send Ahgg to stop Megan and the Flutter Ponies from returning the stolen Sun Stone to Flutter Valley. Being reminded about last time Hydia gives Ahgg a potion to stop him being ticklish, but Megan has another idea to use The Stonebacks to tunnel under Ahgg. Upon reaching the other side of the tunnel the floor under Ahgg caves in and he goes gambolling into his own web.