The Great Rainbow Caper

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The Great Rainbow Caper
Generation 1 | Season 1 | Episode 15
My Little Pony 'n Friends
Original Airdate(s) October 3, 1986
Writer(s) Diane Duane
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The Ghost of Paradise Estate The Glass Princess

The Great Rainbow Caper episode is 10 minutes long and it was the third story in the first series of My Little Pony 'n Friends. Which aired in the US on 3rd October 1986.


Danny and Surprise looking like creepers

Megan, Gusty, Whizzer, Molly and Surprise are clearing rain clouds away with the Rainbow of Light to pick cherries for Cherry jubilee. Danny takes the rainbow and Megan tells him it’s the most powerful thing in the world. The Gizmonks are watching this on a screen and want the rainbow for themselves. So when Danny and Surprise go off on their own to do aerial photo shots of Ponyland, the Gizmonks kidnap them and hold them for ransom for the Rainbow. Megan instead of giving the rainbow sends Wind Whistler to locate the Gizmonks by following their messenger Drudge, back to their hide out. Danny and Surprise course so much trouble though with the Gizmonks gadgets and freeing the other trapped creatures that by the time the rescues party arrives the Gizmonks, are begging for them to take the two away.


  • Inventing Is such Fun

Inventing is such fun
In fact that’s number one on our list
Give that dial a twist ha ha!
Inventing is so great
Who know what you’ll create if you try.
Put that out to dry
We don’t always know what we’ve made
But inventing gizmos ha ha is a lovely trade
Oh I’m impressed with us
Wait are you sure that’s right?
Oh oh ha ha ha
It’s creating something no one else has done
It’s a gas, oh it’s a blast
Inventing, inventing, inventing is such fun!
Oh I love it, I love it, I love it



The Great Rainbow Caper
The Great Rainbow Caper

Running time approx 30 mins in colour.

  • 1990 Sunbrow Productions Inc. All rights reserved
  • The Great Rainbow Caper

Danny borrows the rainbow of Light and decides to go exploring with Surprise. The Gizmonks get ideas about stealing the Rainbow but they don't count on how much damage a little boy and pony can do. (from VHS case)



Bettina Bush as Megan
Keri Houlihan as Molly
Scott Menville as Danny
B. J. Ward as Surprise, North Star
Nancy Cartwright as Gusty

Unknown actors as Gizmonks

Non-speaking appearences by Posey, Whizzer

Crew and Credits


  • When Danny first has the Rainbow and they first look at the ponies from a far, Whizzer is now blue. It happens again as Megan chases after Danny.
  • On the monkey’s screen view mid song of Megan and co, There’s 3 ponies still when Surprise had just left with Danny and one is the yellow pony Posey. When they return to Megan the yellow one is still there but Whizzer has gone.
  • As one of the monkeys appears to be shooting cookies into a pink mouth mid song, the detail on the side of the gun disappears.
  • When Danny whispers to Surprise her face comes through the bars of the cage.
  • When Danny says it’s Radical, Surprise is animated saying it at the same time but with no sound.

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