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Pony Puppy
Generation 1 | Season 1 | Episode 20
My Little Pony 'n Friends
Original Airdate(s) October 10, 1986
Writer(s) Carla Joseph Conway and

Gerry Conway

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The Glass Princess Bright Lights

The Pony Puppy episode is 10 minutes long and it was the fifth story in the first series of My Little Pony 'n Friends. This aired in the US on 10th October 1986.


When Baby Tiddley falls into a river while playing with Baby Shady and Baby Lickety Split, an over sized puppy rescues her. She names the puppy Dinah and they decide to keep her over the autumn and winter. Dinah caused trouble amongst the other ponies and wrecked their home but they remember she’s only a baby and build her a dog house. Spring arrives and Dinah’s family call to her, she has to leave with them which makes the ponies upset, most of all Lickety split. Truly reminds Lickety Split of what Magic Star said, friends may have to leave you but they’ll always be with you in your heart.



Pony Puppy DVD release

  • DVD Release Date: June 26, 2007
  • Run Time: 80 minutes


  • What are we gonna do about Dinah?

What are we gonna do about Dinah?
Dinah’s driving me wild, Give her some time
What’s the big crime, Dinah’s only a child
But how we gonna manage with Dinah?
Dinah’s wrecking things up, What’s the alarm?
She means no harm, Dinah’s only a pup
She’ll ruin us all, and I don’t mean maybe
Any one can make mistakes, Remember she’s only a baby.
What are we gonna do about Dinah?
This much I’m positive of, The best thing to do about Dinah
Is to give her plenty of love, Yes the best thing to do about Dinah
Is to give her plenty of love


Katie Leigh as Heart Throb, Lickety Split, Baby Tiddley-Winks, Baby Shady
Jeannie Elias as Magic Star, Baby Lickety-Split
Nancy Cartwright as Truly
Russi Taylor as Cupcake
Ellen Gerstell as Lofty
Unknown actor as Dinah

Non-speaking appearences by Buttons, Gingerbread, Gusty, North Star, Paradise Shady, Sweet Stuff, Wind Whistler

Crew and Credits


  • When Baby Tiddley is naming the big dog Baby Shady has been painted white.
  • Lickety Splits bag of rubbish disappears from the side of the building and a window gets added, when Dinah eats her ice cream.
  • When the song starts Sweet Stuff is added outside the dog house when she wasn’t there before.
  • Paradise is lying on a chair then when Magic Star walks up to her it’s a two seated couch.
  • After the song where Magic Star runs out to the other ponies, the dressed pony Truly isn’t wearing anything, then she is after.
  • At the end when Dinah’s family show up, as they close up of Magic Star saying “of course” Baby Shady is a light pink.


  • First appearance of Baby Tiddley-Winks
  • First speaking role for Baby Tiddley-Winks and Truly
  • As of this episode, Ellen Gerstell becomes the new voice of Lofty

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