Pinkie Pie and the Lady Bug Jamboree

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This animated episode is 8 minutes long (including the credits) and was released February 7th 2006 with The Princess Promenade VHS and DVD as a bonus episode.


The ponies are about to perform a magical musical on stage and everyone is practicing but no one is playing together. Pinkie Pie has a pinkie skwink which is her way of solving a problem. A dream cloud appears above Pinkie’s head and it shows everyone playing in the band well together and also the parts they should be playing but a ladybug that lands on her nose, makes Pinkie fall over knocking her out of the pinkie skwink. A little later on in the show, the same ladybug gives Pinkie the idea for their band name and they all perform well on stage dressed as Ladybugs.






Pinkie Pie, Sunny Daze, Rainbow Dash, Cotton Candy, Sparkleworks, Razzaroo, Wysteria, Bowtie, Fiesta Flair, Mish Mash Mee, Tinka-Tinka-Too, Sky Wishes, Triple Treat, Coconut Cream, Sweetberry, Minty

Crew and Credits


Triple Treat and Pinkie Pie with incorrect cutie marks.
  • When they open the show, we view the stage from afar and a yellow pony is present; when we zoom in, the pony is gone.
  • Sparkleworks is the last to receive a head band before they go out on stage, but you can see Mish Mash Mee walking away as it zooms out a little, leaving even though she was not seen receiving one.
  • As they go to start the show, a different set of ponies walk out on stage in the Ladybug group including Triple Treat, Forsythia, Coconut Cream and Sky Wishes. Only Sunny Daze and Pinkie Pie are retained from the original lineup.
  • Fiesta Flair is in the crowd watching the show, even though she should be on stage singing.
  • Later after a second shot of Fiesta Flair in the crowd dancing, Triple Treat and Pinkie Pie’s cutie marks are drawn wrong: Pinkie Pie receives an apple and a flower where she normally has balloons, and Triple Treat gains what appears to be multiple shooting stars where she should have an ice cream cone, cookie and lollipop. The apple is also present on Pinkie Pie as she walks towards the screen at the end of the song.
  • As they zoom out from the stage at the end, the band changes again back to the original line up.

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