Mish Mash Melee

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Mish Mash Melee
Generation 1 | Season 1 | Episode 35
My Little Pony 'n Friends
Original Airdate(s) October 31, 1986
Writer(s) Bruce Faulk
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The Magic Coins Woe is Me

Mish Mash Melee is the eleventh story in the first series of My Little Pony 'n Friends. The episode originally aired in the US on 31st October 1986.


Fizzy, Wind Whistler, Shady, and Gusty are playing ball. Fizzy cheats and uses her magic to create a bubble around the ball, and Wind Whistler calls a foul, but Fizzy can’t control it and bring it down. It floats off with the ponies in hot pursuit.

While chasing after it, it leads them into a misty forest and to a booby trapped rock. This sends them down below the forest floor where the Dell Dwellers live. They knock over the barrel that is preserving the balance of nature on their way down and inadvertently release the Frazzits, which throws off the balance. This mixes everything up into a chaotic mess.

Fizzy, who now has Wind Whistler's intelligence, is left to sort out the mess. She recruits Gusty, who now has Shady's shyness to help blow the Frazzits towards the barrel. While Shady, who now has Gusty's boldness, knocks the bubbles Fizzy has made around the Frazzits into the barrel. They successfully get all the Frazzits back into the barrel with no help from Wind Whistler, who is off giggling and having fun with Fizzy's personality. When nothing changes, they realize they need to flip the barrel over, and the balance of nature is finally restored. The Dell Dwellers are grateful to have everything back in order, leaving Fizzy back to her old self of not really being sure what she’d done.


  • Being Somebody else

Wind Whistler:
Gee, but it's a thrill being somebody else
Somebody other than me
Instead of being stiff and stern
I'm wild! I'm loose! I'm free!
Gee, but it's a blast being somebody else
Someone who's part of the team
I'm working side by side by side
And it's working like a dream
It's fun to behave like someone
Who is very bold and brave
I never knew it mattered
But it's nice being someone who's not so scattered
Gee, but it's a joy being somebody else
It makes you walk on air
It lets you find the you inside
You never dreamed...
No, you never dreamed was there!


Katie Leigh as Fizzy
Nancy Cartwright as Gusty
Jill Wayne as Shady
Sarah Partridge as Wind Whistler
Unknown actors as Dell Dwellers, Frazzits

Crew and Credits


  • Just after they knock the barrel over Wind Whistler has a pink wing.
  • All through the song as from Gusty putting the Frazzits back into the Barrel that should be upside down. The word Balance is clearly written right side up.
  • As the leader of the Dell Dwellers walks over with Wind Whistler to thank Fizzy, The barrel is off centre from the hill, Shady is Baby Shady’s colours and drawn oddly on the hill mound as an arm and head.

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