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Brazilian ponies were made by Estrela toy factory in Brazil. They always have Estrela´s logo in on of their hoofs. Estrela produced 38 ponies. They were all earth ponies and pegasi, no unicorns were made. Brazilian ponies are a little smaller than their US counterparts, they have soft plastic and their hair gets dry and frizzy very easily. [1]

Feet of Brazil Cotton Candy, stamped Estrela (Round Stamp)
Feet of Brazil Shady, stamped Estrela (Square Stamp)

Year 1 - Circo de Cavalinhos - 1983

Those ponies have one row of mane plugs, they were re-released later without outfits.

G1 Br 1st set
G1 Br 1st set - Circo de Cavalinhos

Year 2 - Meu Quêrido Pônei - 1983/1984

G1 Pônei Palace Playset
G1 Catalog

Ponies that had outfits have 1 row of mane plugs, while ponies released later, without outfits have 2 rows of mane plugs.

Year 3 - Arco-Íris Pôneis - 1984

G1 Br 2nd set

Year 4 - Circo de Cavalinhos 2 - 1985

G1 Circo de Cavalinhos

Year 5 - Baby Pôneis - 1985/1986

G1 Baby Pôneis

Baby ponies were released in Brasil in late 1985(Christmas release) and 1986. While Brazilian babies Gusty and Lofty are as tall as their US counterparts, baby Cotton Candy is a little smaller than US baby Cotton Candy. They were only avaliable in boxes with accessories.

Pinta Tinta

Pinta-Tinta Medley

There were four ponies avaible as 'paint your own' statues. They came with instructions on how to paint a popular character, inks and brush. There were Medley, Applejack, Firefly.

Os Fofinhos

Os Fofinhos MIB All
Os Fofinhos Backcard
Os Fofinhos Backcard (Detail)
Os Fofinhos Backcard (Detail)

The Brazilian Os Fofinhos ponies were considered as their version of So Softs. They consist in two pieces of felt with printed symbols, yarn hair, with what feels like a thin sheet of plastic in the middle to help them keep their shape. They are about five inches tall. The only four ponies made into Os Fofinhos were:

Backcard Story (same on all four):
"São quatro adoráveis e queridos pôneis, nas suas cores preferidas, para você coleiconar: Algodão Doce, Caramelo, Graminha e Torrãozinho. Eles são macios e fofinhos para você fazer a coleção mais carinhosa do mundo!"

"They are four lovely and darling ponies, in your favorite colors, so you can collect them all: Cotton Candy, Butterscotch, Minty and Blue Belle. They are soft and cuddly for you to make the more caring collection in the world!"

Year 6 - Circo de Cavalinhos 2 (reissue) and Pony Friends - 1986

Year 7 - Pony Friends - 1986/1987

Those ponies, along with re-releases of year 6 ponies were around for 1987. It was an instable year in Brazil's economy and Estrela was negotiating with Hasbro the next designs.

Year 8 - Festa Pôneis - 1987/1988

1988 was the dawn year for ponies in Brasil. Same ponies were re-released and by this time Estrela had some products of her own design that were doing good on national market, and My Little Pony sales were low, the other products were more competitive and no roylties taxes were required.

Retro Fakie Susi

Susi DS
Susi hooves marks

Susi was made by Estrela for the Susi doll line around 2011.[3] It came within an Eastern egg.

Baby Susi is technically a fakie as Estrela did not held license rights to MLP when this pony was produced.

  • Susi has Baby Lofty's head and Baby Tiddlywinks' body, with some slight shrinkage.

Fake Brazil Prototypes

Fake Prototype Peachy

In the summer of 2023, an individual known as Helena began selling what she claims are dye tested prototypes from the Estrela factory. She began selling them on the Brazilian auction platform, Mercado Livre, and has branched out to eBay, perhaps in an effort to gain more traffic or a new audience. She currently sells under user name helnu_79 and lists these ponies at extremely high prices.

Helena has two known eBay accounts and rapidly changes their user names as well as the language of her listings back and forth from "protótipo (prototype)" to "variante (variant)." This is still an inaccurate description of what these ponies are. No other ponies like this are currently known to exist with any other individual, whether they were a child of an Estrela worker or a Brazilian collector who found them on the thrifting market.

Helena's story is that her grandfather worked for Estrela, a Hasbro-licensed company that produced G1 My Little Pony for the Brazilian market. Her grandfather would bring home bags of toys - not strictly My Little Pony - from the factory and distribute them as gifts to her and her seven cousins for birthdays and holidays. Helena also claims that each child who attended the Estrela Christmas party was sent home with a bag of toys.

These ponies are in many odd colors that were not typical of MLP's pastel color palette. They sometimes have distorted features, as if they did not pass quality control at the factory. Helena claims that she and her cousins received these ponies this way and that she is selling them as is. She has stated that Estrela was performing dye tests on ponies at the factory, and these are the results. She has provided proof in the form of a gold Estrela logo necklace that belonged to her grandmother and a My Little Pony tattoo.

She also stated that Rit dye is not available in Brazil and that she does not believe that Brazilian ponies are capable of being dyed at all. She provided video "proof" of her wiping one of these ponies' symbols off with acetone to show that no dye came off. It is important to note that Rit dye can be ordered into the country from online outlets and that her test is not an accurate measure of whether or not a pony has been altered.

Another community member posted a video in which he cuts into the neck plug of a dyed Cotton Candy pony purchased from Helena. The original pink color is clearly visible below the dye permeation. Hasbro sculptor Kirk Hindman has also mentioned at past MLP events that it would have been cost-prohibitive for a manufacturer to dye prototypes and that it is easier to paint them for production review.

See the video here. Brazilian collector cuts into neck plug of fake Cotton Candy prototype to reveal standard pink color beneath.

Please refer to the Fake Brazil Prototypes page for more information.

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