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The first generation 1 playset released was the Pretty Parlour in Year Two (1983-1984). It was home to Peachy and Twinkles the cat. It had a variety of accessories to dress up your pony in.

It was released in the US, Australia, the UK as well as other countries. It was known as the Grooming Parlour in the UK.

The building shape was used again during G1 for the Brush Me Beautiful Boutique and also the Kitchen (Uk Release) It also jumped generations by being used yet again for the G2 My Pretty Parlor with Ivy.

US Pretty Parlor

G1 Pretty Parlour
G1 Pretty Parlour instructions
G1 Pretty Parlour instructions Back
G1 Pretty Parlour Peachy story
G1 Pretty Parlour Box
  • Name Tags
    • Peachy
    • Lemon Drop
    • Blue Belle
    • Butterscotch
    • Cotton Candy
    • Blossom
    • Minty
    • Snuzzle

Euro Pretty Parlour

Grooming Parlor

Media Appearances

Catalog pamphlet

Schönheitssalon - German Pretty Parlor

  • Name Tags
    • Sternblume / Konfetti
    • Schleifen / Pusteblume
    • Blümchen / Zitrönchen
    • Apfelbäckchen / Prinzeßchen
    • Sausewind / Pfirsichblüte
    • Suckerschnute / Leckermäulchen
    • Kirchblüte / Glitzi


German Pretty Parlor with Italian Peachy

  • Name Tags
    • Prinzeßchen / Suckerschnute
    • Zitrönchen / Kirchblüte
    • Sternblume / Sausewind
    • Schleifen / Blümchen
    • Apfelbäckchen / Leckermäulchen
    • Konfetti / Glitzi
    • Pusteblume / Pfirsichblüte


German Pretty Parlor with Macau Peachy

  • Name Tags
    • FOLLY
    • BELLY
    • MINKY
    • BONNY
    • NELLY
    • ROSY
    • CANDY
    • JENNY


La Dolce Stalletta - Italian Pretty Parlor

G1 La Dolce Stalletta
G1 La Dolce Stalletta Name Cards
G1 La Dolce Stalletta Backside
G1 La Dolce Stalletta Box

You may recognize this as the pretty parlor, but this set is in some ways different to the pretty parlor. The structure of the building is the same, but the backside sticker, box and accessories are different, as well as the pony. The backside sticker has a more comic appearance, this is very typical Italian mlp art-work and the text is in Italian. The box is very different compared to the US one, it looks like they pulled up their own camera's and took their own pictures. The sideflaps are decorated with 2 ponies and a flower design. It came with at least 5 name tags (probably 8), minty (minty), polly (white snuzzle), pinky (cotton candy), cannella (butterscotch) and blu (blue belle). The box says that it comes with pinky, but it actually came with pesca (Italian peachy). The hats, tack, comb and brush have a rough feel to them, unlike the US version. The ribbons are original Italian ribbons, they have a different structure then the US ones. Obviously, the instructions are in Italian.

Italian Pretty Parlor Variant II

Purple Pretty Parlor. Stickers say Grooming Parlor but box calls this Pretty Parlor. This set came with no tags.


Spanish Pretty Parlor

Playset boutique.jpg

Boutique de Belléza - Mexican Pretty Parlor, Purple

Mexican Pretty Parlor Box


Boutique - Argentinian Pretty Parlor

Blue Pretty Parlor with magenta accessories.

  • Tags
    • Menta
    • Capullo
    • Pom pon
    • Perla
    • Aleteo
    • Estrellita

Argentinian Pretty Parlor, Variant II

Pink Pretty Parlor with green accessories.

Argentinian Pretty Parlor, Variant III

Pink Pretty Parlor with magenta accessories.

Argentinian Pretty Parlor, Variant IIII

Pink Pretty Parlor with green and magenta accessories.

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