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Go to the image you want to attribute to somebody, and edit it, I did one of the images already, I added:

[[Category: Donated by Butterscotch]] [[Category: G1 Merchandise Photos]]

I'm just copying the text from the old Wiki, and pasting it onto the new pages here. :) And, by some miracle, my old computer is allowing me to save all the photos by the 'save picture as...' method and re-upload to this site. I'm not moving all the photos I uploaded that way though - I'll try and re-upload them straight from my hard drive later this evening. :)

Ah, those! Absol started putting those messages up where she had moved stuff to the new server, so I've just been copying the message and changing the link to that of whatever page I've moved everything to. I just thought it was easier so that we didn't have to keep checking backwards and forwards to make sure that everything had been moved from specific already-transferred pages, if that makes sense. :) I'm not much good at explaining these things!

Great - glad I could help! I'm just sorry that I'm so useless at getting my point across. :P

I just looked and got the same page, so it looks like it has gone at least temporarily. :( Let's hope it's just a glitch and it comes back up again - otherwise, thank goodness we managed to save so much stuff as we did.

Yep, I'm back! Someone on the Nirvana forum over at the Arena was asking why we didn't "all work together on a wiki", and I remembered this place/tried to link to it. But then I noticed the front pages weren't working. :( Such a shame - it looks like a lot of work has been put into this since I last visited!

sorry, i'm trying to setup a folding drop down menu cuz it is getting kinda crowded over there. it is being difficult.

No dramas it was just good to see it was you doing it and not some random glitch hehehehehehe

oddly enough... no? The toolbox is a special thing generated by the wiki, unlike the other sections on the navigation bar it can't be edited within the wiki only by digging through the source code I think. "The toolbox contains a selection of links which change depending on what type of page you are viewing." i have several other code issues which i also dont know how to fix yet, which I need to figure out first. like those stupid ampersands =( I did add a link to the main page though. p.s. i have 'recent changes' as an rss feed ;)

Hi Kisscurl, I'm not sure if I have anything similar in color to compare that crown to in order to make a positive ID, but yes, it could be considered a pale pink. It does look pretty close in color to the pictures I found of Silly Sunshine with hers.

multi-category search

hey, just added this new search feature and i think it could be insane for looking up pony symbols. but, of course, each symbol would have to be categorized individually so it would be a longer process than the image maps you are workings on. but I think it could be worth it

so say for cranberry muffins symbol

it would be in the categories

Category: Generation 1 Symbol Category: Adult's Symbol Category: Earth's Symbol Category: Turquoise Body's Symbol Category: Blue Body's Symbol Category: Matte Symbol Category: Food Symbol Category: Muffin Symbol Category: Cake Symbol Category: Pink Haired's Symbol Category: Non-TAF Symbol

In the multi category search you can choose all sub categories of a category for a drop box rather than typing everything in a drop box manually

So like Category: Pony Age Group will have stuff like Adult, Baby, Newborn, etc Category: Symbol Theme w/ Food, Abstract, Nature, etc Category: Symbol Style, w/Sparkly, Matte, TAF, Non-TAF

So a person can look at their pony and be like, shes G1, shes blue, shes a baby, shes got some kind of flower and put those features into the search engine and get all the symbols that are like that.....

but... the search can't spit out image galleries, and if the result was the actual image symbol page then people would have to figure out how to navigate from that page so dummy redirects with a million categories each would be neccessary.. ie

Um, so thoughts, suggestions, concerns, before I run amok adding a million categories and pages?