Twinkle Wish Adventure

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Twinkle Wish DVD

All the ponies cannot wait for the Winter Wishes festival where the Wishing Star grants each pony one special wish. But when the Wishing Star disappears, they go on a journey to find it. During their adventure, they learn what it means for wishes to really come true! But will they make it back in time for the festival? Join Pinkie Pie and all her pony friends on their journey as they discover that friendship can make wishes come true.

Bonus Features:

Six Sing-Alongs:

  • My Little Pony Theme song
  • The Thing-A-Ma-Do Song
  • Dreams Do Come True
  • Somewhere Super New
  • Thats What Makes A Friend
  • A Wonderful Winter Song

Waiting For The Winter Wishes Festival A prequel

Elefun and Friends A new animated short

Four Downloadable Activites:

  • Coloring Sheet
  • Pony Note to Santa
  • How to Make a Snowman
  • Cut out Pony Ornaments

  • DVD Release Date: October 13, 2009
  • Run Time: 81 minutes

Waiting for the Winter Wishes Festival

Waiting for the Winter Wishes Festival is a pack-in animated short that acts as a prequel to Twinkle Wish Adventure. As Scootaloo becomes impatient with waiting for the Winter Wishes Festival, her friends try to cheer her up with a song about their favorite things to do during the festival.


  • This movie was re-released in late 2013 through Shout Factory with all of the original bonus DVD content
  • Every time a character makes a wish after Twinkle Wish is released from her box, there's a subtle chime implying that the wish was granted.

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