Through the Door

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Through the Door
Generation 1 | Season 1 | Episodes 47-48
My Little Pony 'n Friends
Original Airdate November 18-19, 1986
Writer(s) David Wise
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The Revolt of Paradise Estate The Quest of the Princess Ponies

Through the Door is a 2 part episode. Each segment is 10 minutes long and it was the seventeenth and last story in the first series of My Little Pony 'n Friends. This aired in the US between 18th and 19th November 1986


  • Episode 1 North Star, Paradise and Lofty are out exploring when they find a huge door. It has a Keep Out sign on it but North Star feels it’s not for them and wants to go in. Paradise explains that it could be The Golden Door where a monster terrorized Ponyland long ago and a wizard trapped it behind this door. As long as no one passes through the door the beast will remain there. Paradise warns North Star to stay away from the door then she flies off home. North Star opens the door anyways, as they fly away characters from stories like Robin Hood come through the door. Forgetting what Paradise has just said Lofty welcomes them to Ponyland. As the last character passes through the door they remember about the monster. Heart Throb and Paradise are singing about a Prince Charming, he appears at the side of the river bank. He then tells everyone he meets that they are his one true love. Hercules is helping clean Paradise Estate. One is teaching the baby ponies the dance of the 7 days and Buttons, Lickety Split and Wind Whistler take Aladdin’s lamp on a Picnic. The genie appears and Lickety Split asks for the perfect day but the genie wants details. Lofty points out they’re being crowded out of the Estate by uninvited guests. They start worrying about the monster again mean while Heart Throb flies towards the door looking for Prince Charming as the monster creeps out into view.
  • Episode 2 We rejoin the show at the door as the monster is escaping and then switch to North Star practicing archery with Robin hood. The characters appear to be losing their abilities. The genie is still asking Lickety Split about the details of her perfect day wish when she decides she wants an ice cream instead. Wind Whistler explains it to the genie and he makes the wish. After making the ice cream it falls over disappearing just before it hits them. Meanwhile Heart Throb goes through the door looking for Prince charming and finds the whole of the characters world crumbling. Megan is looking for a book to read but she finds all the words in them have gone. Paradise flies in her window to ask about the new people in Ponyland. Megan tells her they’re story book characters and they go to Ponyland to see what’s going on. While standing with Robin Hood the monster makes an appearance. They run into paradise Estate to hide. The baby ponies run up to the dragon looking monster and orders him to stop it. The monster says he’s sorry and the adults join the babies. Megan explains the monster is just playing his role like the rest of the characters and doesn’t mean it. Heart Throb then rejoins them and tells the group of characters their world is falling apart. They run back off to the door. The characters agree to go back but without the monster. Megan convinces them they do want the monster really and they all go home through the door. Megan had brought her books with her when she arrived and had left them behind, the ponies read the books and find the stories are all back.




Bettina Bussh as Megan Susan Blu as Paradise, Buttons Katie Leigh as Heart Throb, Ribbon (1) B. J. Ward as North Star Ellen Gerstell as Lofty Jeannie Elias as Baby Lickety-Split (2)

Non-speaking appearences by Baby Cuddles, Baby Gusty]], Baby Half-Note, Baby Heart Throb, Baby Lofty, Baby Ribbon, Baby Shady, Baby Sundance, Baby Tiddley-Winks, Cherries Jubilee, Fizzy, Galaxy, Gusty, Magic Star, Masquerade, Posey, Shady, Sundance, Sweet Stuff, Beachcomber, Ripple, Sunshower

Crew and Credits


  • E1 As Robin Hood looks to his Merry men who are crying Lofty and North Star switch places.
  • E1 As Robin introduces the woman character in blue, Lofty is coloured in Lickety Splits colours
  • E1 As Heart Throb says to Paradise “such a lovely bouquet” her mouth isn’t moving.
  • E1 For a split second as Heart Throb climbs out of the water her skirt flashes white.
  • E1 As Prince Charming approaches Heart throb, Paradises wings aren’t drawn in.
  • E1 When the baby ponies are dancing, Baby Cuddles gets a horn and the other two babies next to her are missing their costumes that they were pictured in seconds before.
  • E1 When the genie asks about the humidity, Wind Whistlers’ cutie mark and wings are missing.
  • E1 After Lickety Split shouts at the genie all I want is the perfect day, we see all three ponies lined up and Lickety Split has wings.
  • E2 As Wind Whistler looks up at the genie her wing disappears from view.
  • E2 Only 4 Baby Ponies run up to the monster but 10 tell him off.
  • E2 After Megan explains about the monster and just before Heart Throb appears, Robin hood is animated saying Heart Throbs words.
  • E2 Three rocks fall in front of The Golden Door but they just floating on air.
  • E2 After the rocks fall we see a shot from behind of all of the ponies, Whizzer and Heart Throb are missing their wings, Ribbon and Gusty are missing their horns, Heart Throb is no longer dressed up and Sundance has wings.
  • E2 After the song, the line up of ponies includes a winged Lickety Split and a wingless Heart Throb then after the close ups, Wind Whistler has become Whizzer and Sundance is now Shady but at least the other two have swapped their wings back.
  • E2 As the characters wave goodbye before going home through the door. All the Pegasus ponies but Lofty are missing their wings.
  • E2 After Megan shuts the door we see a close up of Magic Star and Gusty, Gusty is missing her horn.
  • E2 Even though Megan has suppose to have left she can be seen when the ponies gather around the books at the end, Galaxy and Fizzy are missing their horns and Then Masquerade turns into Surprise after a close up. You can also see what appears to be two Baby Lickety Splits though I feel they were going for the adult version, and a Heart Throb without wings next to hornless Gusty. Then there appears to be a second wingless North Star at the top.


  • Beachcomber makes her second and final appearence. This is also the final appearence of Ripple and Sunshower.

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