The Quest of the Princess Ponies

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The Quest of the Princess Ponies
Generation 1 | Season 2 | Episodes 1-4
My Little Pony 'n Friends
Original Airdate(s) September 7-10 1987
Writer(s) Michael Reaves
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Through the Door Spike's Search

The Quest of the Princess Ponies is a 4 part episode. Each segment is 10 minutes long and it was the first story in the second series of My Little Pony 'n Friends. This aired in the US between 7th and 10th September 1987


Princess Sparkle in "The Quest of the Princess Ponies"
  • Episode 1 The princess ponies are decorating the castle in Royal Paradise, when one of six Princess ponies squeals out. They ask Princess Tiffany what had happened and she directs them to her hoof where her polish had been chipped. Princess Tiffany blames Princess Starburst as it was her nail polish recipe. They all then start fighting over who is going to be queen of Royal Paradise when Spike and the Bushwoolies whom are travelling and are lost, find their way into Royal Paradise. The Princess ponies explain they are the guardians of magic wands. They then get Spike and co to judge who should be queen. Mean while they’re being watched by a Lava made man Lavan. He opens a crack in the ground and lava flows towards the ponies. He and his Lava demons then surf on the lava. The ponies run for it but they all have their wands taken off of them. The Demons disappear in a cloud of steam from a nearby fountain and Lavan tries to use the wands but they send him flying. A beam of rainbow colour magic is released and starts turning everything into crystal above ground. As it crosses over Dream Valley, Fizzy loses control of her magic and Paradise is nearly sucked underground. It suddenly gets cold and Galaxy fears someone’s upset the balance of Ponyland. Megan sends Paradise to investigate while Lavan plans now to capture the Princess ponies so he can learn how to use the wands. All magic is breaking down and as Lavan attacks, Spike sends the only one who could escape at the time Princess Tiffany and a Bushwoolie, to Paradise Estate for help.
  • Episode 2 Princess Tiffany is flying towards Dream Valley following the Bushwoolie’s directions when suddenly the Bushwoolie falls and is crystallized along with the land. Lavan has all the other Princess Ponies captured and demands to know how the wands work. They refuse to tell him and are taken to the lava pit. Meanwhile Paradise flies into Princess Tiffany. Princess Tiffany explains what’s going on and Paradise takes her to Megan. Megan agrees to help and she’ll use the rainbow of light to restore the balance. The Bushwoolies bounce around the room to distract Lava Demons holding the ponies while everyone else makes a break for it. Only Spike and the Bushwoolies get away, they plan to rescue the princess ponies but get cornered themselves by Ice Orgs. The Ice orgs mistake Spike for a Lava Demon. Spike pleads his case that he’s not and they touch his arm with their cold hands. They figure his not a demon as they can’t stand their touch. Spike asks for their help and they agree. Meanwhile the Demons expect the princess ponies to jump into the lava but a cave in happens and they run for it. The Princess ponies make their way back to Spike. Gnash the ice org explains about secret tunnels that even Lavan doesn’t know about they could use to help get their wands back. Lavan tries to use the wands again and they crystallize his arm just before a lava demon informs him the Princess ponies have escaped. Lavan then tries another wand crystallizing the other side of his body and head, feeling that the wands magic was working for him this time. A Bushwoolie sneezes and gives the Princess ponies (who are hiding in the tunnels behind a wall in the room at the time) away. Lavan breaks the wall revealing them and they’re caught again. While Megan and Princess Tiffany are flying to Royal Paradise, Megan drops the rainbow of light.
  • Episode 3 We rejoin the captured Princess Ponies in the dungeon. They make friends with one of the Lava Demons which helps them escape. Megan and Princess Tiffany still don’t know what to do as they now can’t find the rainbow of light on the crystal floor. The decide to visit The Moochick, His magic has also gone haywire. Megan explains to The Moochick while Lavan crystallises the rest of his body with the other remaining wands. When The Moochick’s chair comes to life they have to run for it out of the house. They release they need the book of Lost Answers but the chair won’t let them back in to the house. Habit The Moochick’s rabbit, wants them to try the back window. The Moochick uses his magic to bring the book to him. Reading it, he says they need the wands to stop Lavan and they have to find the heart of Ponyland while working together. Megan and Princess Tiffany fly off back to Royal Paradise while the Princess Ponies go to get their wands back only to find them drained of their magic. Lavan walks in and shows them where the magic has gone too by blasting them with it.
  • Episode 4 We join the ponies just as Lavan attacks. Megan and Princess Tiffany have finally made it to Royal Paradise, they fly in and drop a blanket over Lavan’s head. The ponies make their escape with the wands and the other Princess ponies explain about the Heart of Ponyland. It is a magical talisman far beneath Lavan’s kingdom and it’s the source their magic wands draw their power from. When they find the heart a big gem stone with crowns upon it, they get their wands shot away from them by Lavan and are under attack again. The Lava Demon they made friends with pushes Lavan into the lava, the Bushwoolies charge off with the wands and give them back to the ponies. The Ponies recharge the wands and fight Lavan destroying him. The ponies then put their wands together and send out a magic fixing Ponyland of its crystallization. The princess ponies give the Bushwoolies the crowns as thanks for their help and they decide to take turns in being queen.


Bettina Bush as Megan
Charlie Adler as Spike
Kath Soucie as Princess Tiffany, Princess Starburst
Susan Blu as Paradise (1-2)
Katie Leigh as Fizzy (1)
Sherry Lynn as Galaxy (1)
Sarah Partridge as Wind Whistler (4)
Ellen Gerstell as Locket (4)
Unknown actors as Bushwoolies, The Moochick (3), Princess Sparkle, Princess Serena, Princess Primrose, Princess Royal Blue

Non-speaking appearences by Cupcake, Posey, Shady, Sundance



VHS with Quest of the Princess Ponies and The Prince and the Pony

Running Time: 40 minutes approx.

Spike and the Bushwoolies discover the Royal Paradise, where Princess Ponies live, just as the lava demon 'La-van' steals their Magic Wands. All the magic in Ponyland has gone Crazy, will Megan and Princess Tiffany be able to save the day? (from VHS case)


The Quest of The Princess Ponies and The Golden Horseshoes DVD re-release



Spike, Bushwoolies, Megan, Paradise, The Moochick, Princess Starburst, Princess Royal Blue, Princess Sparkle, Princess Tiffany, Princess Primrose, Princess Serena, Fizzy, Galaxy, Posey, Cupcake, Truly, Shady, Gnash, Lavan and the Lava Demons, Wind Whistler, Locket,

Crew and Credits


  • E1 Megan is flying on the back of Magic Star on the starting song. Magic Star is an earth pony.
  • E1 Princess Sparkle is white when she asks Spike to judge the contest. Then after Princess Tiffany speaks to Spike Princess Sparkle is then missing her horn.
  • E1 Just before the song starts as the Princess Ponies argue in the last frame Princess Royal Blue’s eye disappears.
  • E1 As Princess Serena’s part in the song comes up, Princess Sparkles’s horn is missing.
  • E1 While Spike sits by the fountain his body flashes through a Bushwoolie.
  • E2 When we first see Princess Royal Blue in episode 2 she’s missing her cutie mark.
  • E2 When the Lava Demons expect the ponies to jump into the lava, as the pan across close up Princess Sparkles is missing her horn.
  • E2 After the song, Six Bushwoolies follow Spike, including the purple one he sent with Princess Tiffany to find Paradise estate, even though they have been leaving out the red Bushwoolie. Then Princess Sparkle’s horn is absent again.
  • E2 As Megan goes to sit on Princess Tiffany at the Paradise Estate, Cupcake on the left has Paradises wings.
  • E2 When Lavan tries the wands again he crystallizes his arm including his hand, in the next shot his hand is lava again.
  • E2 When Lavan destroys the wall, Princess Tiffany who is with Megan flying back to Royal Paradise falls out of the hole and she’s in the next scenes too.
  • E2 Towards the end of the episode as Princess Tiffany flies Megan to Royal Paradise, Princess Tiffany is animated speaking Megan’s lines.
  • E3 As the Lava Demon helps them escape and Princess Royal Blue says “we really believe that!” There’s another Princess Royal Blue above her head and the Bushwoolies have been changed from plain arms in the other episodes to multi coloured arms in this one.
  • E3 As Princess Royal Blue says “I think we’ve all grown up quite a bit” while escaping, her body flashes yellow.
  • E3 For a split second as the chair bashes The Moochick away from the door when he goes to get the book of answers, the cell of the chair arm can be seen over the door it’s self.
  • E3 As they enter Lavan’s throne room to get their wands back, the yellow pony with purpleish mane Princess Starburst can be seen with a greyish coloured mane instead. Then next scene Princess Sparkle is whiter then normal. Seconds after that you can see two Princess Starbursts as she asks “what’s wrong with them”
  • E4 Right at the start Princess Tiffany is in the group of Princess Ponies hit by Lavan magic when she is with Megan flying towards Royal Paradise.
  • E4 After the Princess Ponies escape and are walking in the tunnel, Princess Sparkle an earth pony has had some wings drawn on her.
  • E4 When Princess Primrose says considering how ugly these cabins are, Princess Royal Blue is draw with a horn.
  • E4 After the ponies get attack by Lavan when they attempt to lay their wands down on the talisman, Princess Primrose’s tail is blue when it should be red.
  • E4 After Lavan shoots the rock Megan, Spike, Serena and Tiffany are hiding behind, Serena is drawn with wings when she’s an earth pony.
  • E4 After they destroy Lavan and put their wands together again, you can see two white Ponies who should be Princess Tiffany.
  • E4 After the ponies send their magic out to fix pony land Wind Whistler is animated saying Lockets lines “Wind Whistler look” and their roles continue to be mixed up after that.
  • E4 At the end while on a picnic, Locket and Wind Whistler are drawn really small compared to the other ponies and Princess Primrose’s tail is blue again.

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